Avatar 2: The Way of Water teaser

Here’s the sequel to the original.

Not sure if u guys have seen this on YouTube, breathtaking visuals…from Tekno3d team

Solid !!

(2009) Avatar IMAX 3D

  • RUNNING TIME 2hr 46 min

Shaw Theatres IMAX®

I read there will be 4 mins of footages from Avatar the way of water in the post credit scene. So far it seem like it only has 3D screening.

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Final trailer

Now we have a better understanding of the meaning behind the movie title.

will be in JB next week, any bro knows which cinema with atmos you recommend to catch this movie? does imax 3d comes with DTSX/Atmos? thanks!

Anybody watched this yet? Is it good?

4.5 out of 10.
Too Kiddy for adults, too much of “Bro” used in the movie.
Draggy 1st hour…

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Avatar: The Way of Water is a 13-year labour of love. Every frame shows how meticulous James Cameron is. The plot may feel hackneyed, the storytelling feels cliche and the child actors feel like plot movers, but the visuals are stunning, a sumptuous feast for the eyes, like something you have never seen before especially with the scenes featuring water. This is Cameron’s film through and through which sees him borrow ideas from all his films and the action sequences are out of this world. If Top Gun: Maverick makes a case for the relevance of cinema, then Avatar: The Way of Water makes a strong case for 3D. In fact, 3D IMAX is the ONLY way to experience this gargantuan movie.


Agreed…Avatar The way of water and Top Gun Maverick may well be the most influential movies of 2022.

Just finished this last week with the kids… the kids loved the story , very good. It can be depressing for some also, on how they treat the animals etc

Overall, wasn’t impressed with the video quality from the cinema at shaw Punggol but the soundmix is fantastic… lotsa nice quality bass, arrows piercing your heart type of midbass ever present… I’m sure video is gonna be fantastic on a well calibrated projector when the bluray is out. just too bad our cinemas here in sg is not as good. Didn’t watch this at plq since it is 3D, we get headache watching it in 3D and especially when it’s 3hrs long !

As more manufacturers shun away from 3D for both TV and projectors, many will not enjoy the 3D version of Cameron’s Avatar franchise and guess what, there are 2 more to come after The Way of the Water. So get any 4K laser UST or projector in the market right now if you intend to enjoy the best 3D experience after more than a decade. Will 3D make the movie any better, of course not, but it will definitely heighten the viewing experience.

I came back home and watch the trailer, oh my it was a big big difference watching it at home . The quality is so so far apart watching the video at home vs the cinema . The video in the cinema looked so dull. The HDR effect is superb watching it at home…

So beautiful on the big screen! Looking forward to the 4k bluray version

Love this movie!!!
A wonderful creation by Cameron

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Someone actually shared the pic with me

He was asking me how come the same pic came up in prism+ Msia advertisement :rofl:

But we can see how calibrated colours vs non calibrated looked like on the TV advertisement

Another SDR sample

This was taken from a monitor without HDR… it looked exactly like this in the non IMAX cinema, SDR like image and the colours were so dull and muted

I got a shock when I got home and saw it on screen on the LG projector, the above is like HDR like type of effect, it’s so much more pleasant

This is one movie that will show you a lot of flaws if the projector is not calibrated for colour accuracy in HDR, because of all the high intensity, luminance in colours from the movie

But with the SDR like image, we can see the sack circled in red on the left, where as on the hdr version it’s dark. We can’t see the sack as clearly as the SDR version, I suppose this is where Sammy comes in and feels the LG projector’s internal tone mapping engine is not able to preserve the shadow details.

@sammy , you able to share this image on your LG pj using Madvr ?

Source is from YouTube avatar way of water trailer

After I show you this, you might be tempted to set up MadVR. Haha


In case anyone wants , here is the high quality file of the trailer, in HDR-X, 5.1 DD+


The video looks absolutely beautiful on the big screen…

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This one from HP below :point_down:

All sorts of green version avatar