Arcam av/avr 5/10,11/20,21/30,31/40,41/600 owners - discussions

Dear All,

Creating this thread to discuss about any Arcam AV/AVR Bugs related things.

Could you share how you open up, connect another fan and what power source you tap for the fan to work?

Sure, will share the photos later currently its with the vendor. But the power supply is not tapped from internal circuits, its an dedicate linear power supply from external. What it just does is just blow air and suck out air, thats it. :slight_smile:

Well I could learn a thing or 2…

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Ok thanks. Keep us updated. Would like to talk a look on this.

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But the problem only happened when I started changing the audio formats from Atmos to dolby digital and back to atmos. I have been doing this for 1 week whenever I watch movies and then after 1 week, its started flickering and never go away. Then you connect any source it was behaving the same manner.

Just an example picture here. Fan1 (in vertical position) blows the air towards the internal boards. its a slow speed fan and no noise. Fan2 (horizontal) is an exhaust (slow speed no noise), it blows out the air through the bottom vents. No hanging and works without any issues.
g410AV40-o_other1 (1)

Really wonder how will they able to provide warranty after the mods. :confused:

If user has to resort to self help to mod to improve the ventilation then it’s a design failure from the part of Arcam imo.

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Agree, Its completely a design failure and i have reported this to arcam and arcam is aware of this mod and they are ok with this.

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Do you like the sound of Arcam AV40?

Absolutely, when it works it sounds heavenly and thats the reason i wanted arcam even though i am aware of many glitches, i think the latest firmware is more stable 1.54. I never had any usability issues since the last 3 firmwares. I suspect, my oppo 203 jailbreak, i had to keep on changing the sound format and arcam try to detect detect and dead :smile:, only HDMI flickering and apart from that all were fine.

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Hope it will be fixed and return to you soon.

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Thank you so much Bro :heartbeat:

Just scribe thru the picture of the AVR, AVR has vents on the top casing less their AVP. AVR has a fan inside as well.

Arcam 40 has no single fan at all and also has no vent holes.
Even though you added two fans (blowing and absorbing), it is possible that your absorbing fan is too close to the blowing fan. The air blown is immediately sucked out and cannot reach the HDMI board and cool it. This makes both fans redundant.
You should be replacing the blowing fan with another absorbing fan instead, this will force air in from the vents in the processor to hopefully cool the HDMI board.

It is a design flaw!
BTW, where did you tap Vdc to turn them ON ?

You are already void the warranty because of your modification.

Yo Bro, why everyone is behind warranty void (those who indicated). Its an problem with me and Arcam I will deal with it. Please refrain from discussing about warranty and everyone is aware of it. AND NO NEED TO POINT OUT AGAIN AND AGAIN! You just see whats the purpose of this discussion and just concentrate only on it. You all aware i had done this since i got a new set from day1 when it has hung. And now discussing as if you dont know.

We are here to discuss about the benefit of implementing the fan or not. The fan has a external power supply. @Whitesox ,You are wrong about the air flow. Theres lots of space inside arcam and the air flow is proper and works perfectly after the implementation. Otherwise the temp wont drop and works even less than warm conditions.

As a customer I saved my time and arcam time to stop going to them everymonth to asking to change my hdmi board or sending the unit due to their poor implementation in heat dissipation.

I wanted a peaceful processor and i do whatever i need to fix it. Now the problem is diff and arcam is looking in to it.

I think members are just concerned for you…since opening up the hood and add an additional fan to help with the ventilation will inevitably void the warranty even though Arcam is fully aware of it. This should never be encouraged even if it proves to be a good workaround. While Arcam might have acknowledged the issue and full aware of what you are doing to overcome it, that does not mean they are ok with it. It should not be misconstrued as a “greenlight” to go ahead with the mod by Arcam. Arcam may be “diplomatic” for now since you have been so proactive and forthcoming in sharing your problems and workaround because they treat this as an isolated case and probably a good case study for them. Arcam can, at any time turn the table around and nullify the warranty if they so choose to.


Agree with you, yes arcam can. But I feel its a habitual for some people to repeatedly say that what they are already aware as they knew this few years ago. So i want to reiterate to my friends.

I agree with @desray. If arcam acknowledge your work of improving they should help you in order aid you in your warranty still. Guess many are concern about this. If arcam gives you the green light, I believe the members here will also follow your way. The big not
go is just they just void your warranty. I’m trying to see if there is other members go even wild drill the top casing to place AC infinity fan.

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