Apple TV+ subscription

The series X is :+1:t2:, not bad . Doesn’t have that grainy type of video . So far so so good. Though according to test from HDTVtest Vincent, it has elevated black levels.

Still I went ahead with calibration and I notice it’s settings applied are way way different from ATV4K . What used to be brightness settings of 52 on the BenQ with ATV4K, is now 49 with the series X.

Do I miss the black levels ? Is it grainy? Missing shadow details? … errrr… see the pic below, just from normal iPhone 8 only…

Damn nice, video is crisp and clear , I’ll let the picture do the talking

I can even see the texture on his rifle…

Do I miss the OLED 65” tv? Definitely not. It is white elephant now in the room

We can play Atmos, dtsx, HDR, dolby vision all works on the series X. Amazon video, Netflix, Apple TV +, all available, in Atmos LLDV…

Can still play bluray but I’m using Oppo for that
. This is like a 1 box solution again.

Next is to check out Disney +, hope the soundmix is not another dolby “atmouse”

Ps:// the tone mapping is also very good on the series X

Haha…projector has that effect on people. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have since claim the 1 year free subscription. Looks like it works, i.e. it extends my current subscription by a year.

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Just received an email from Apple that the free subscription for Apple TV+ will be extended for another 6 months.

That’s nice ! I just watched 2 drama straight; both on Apple TV+ , very nice “ the morning show” and “see”

Very nice video and audio quality on the Apple TV+…

Too bad not much content at the moment, but they are all quality stuff so far

Read that Apple had offered Paramount to buy over the right to air Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick…but failed.

Top gun would be awesome

Tiny, is also a very nice documentary on Apple TV +

I love the video quality of the Xbox series X post calibration, thoroughly enjoying the video quality, again I have to mention, there is absolutely no regrets with the BenQ 570 until today . Miles ahead better than the Apple TV hardware

Fantastic looking videos, here are some pics, they look natural and nothing short of stunning , especially on 135”!

I like the series SERVANT too, keep you in suspense.

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Ok I’ll check out “servant” after the morning show. Quite nice, I’m enjoying the dramas on Apple TV +

Apple TV Plus content is quite limited but the production value is high and the 4K PQ is more superior than Netflix imo. Looking forward to Disney Plus this Feb. I wonder do I really need to subscribe the service through Starhub?

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I’m also not sure, hopefully can just download through the app and watch it on the Xbox.

I’m watching another drama thriller, “ Tehran” also very nice

Damn these dramas on Apple TV + are all high quality stuff… looking forward to more content

Still have “servant” next, Bro Ray says nice

Pic and audio is very very good, miles ahead of Netflix

I love horror and thriller movies. Usually, the soundtrack for this type of movies also elicits fear which I love it.

This one :point_up:


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Even w/o BEQ, the original mix already very good for bass…

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Ya, definitely.

Damn scary, I just watched Korean Ghost Horror movie last night, until 1am. Shit, damn scary watching it middle of the night and on the big screen.

Haven’t watched any horror flicks in a long time, but boy, the make up and the details on the face, pretty scary…a few times I had goosebumps…

Fuu, first experience watching true scary horror movie on the 135” screen… damn immersive…

Sound mix is always good with most of the horror movies


Here is another documentary animation worth watching with the kids , I haven’t yet watched this one… but came highly recommended by a friend

Enjoy this with the kids !

Friend said this worth watching !!


Here’s Shang-Chi cover page in Disney Plus. IMAX DTS X will come later.

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