Apple TV+ subscription

I am already a paid subscriber for Apple TV+, after a 7 day free trial. Recently purchased a new iPad that as usual, comes with a free 12 month trial for Apple TV+.

Anyone knows whether I can used the same appleid to claim that?

Searched the net but there does not appear to have any instructions on claiming this for a existing subscriber.

Ha, I just got the same offer, just bought the new iPad Air that comes free with 12months subscription

Haven’t had the time to activate it

Unlike your case, I’m not a paid subscriber for this service

In case you are not aware, it needs to be claimed within 90 days.

With the uncertainty, have proceed to register the new iPad with a different appleid.

Still waiting for a new Apple TV box to be launched, if there is.

Oh i haven’t read the details, just bought it on 1/1/2021

Very nice video quality

Just sent my Apple TV to my mom in Australia, wondering how to activate it

Will check out of can activate from Xbox and use family sharing

Ok family sharing works. But not much content on Apple TV+

No wonder it comes free with 1 year subscription

There is one drama that caught my attention, “ see” starring Jason mamoa… looks good that one

Not much free content. I have finished The Morning Show, Defending Jacob. I personally find the first two pretty good. Greyhound is so so

Going to check out Ted Lasso and See soon. After that, maybe will stop subscription till more content available or some of the movies become available for rent. I don’t think buying movies is worth the $$, will rather get the disc.

Ya Jennifer Anniston and Chris evans, looked good too. Wil check it out too.

Ya nothing much, but ok since it’s free will watch it

I’m looking forward to Disney + soon

I am just waiting for new season of Servant in the mid of Jan and my free subscription will end in Feb. Not much interesting contents and I am waiting to join the Disney+ bandwagon.

Same here, come Feb come Disney+!!

Caught Ted Lasso till the second last episode. Pretty good I might say. Not a heavy comedy, certainly makes me laugh out loud with the one liners which i think it works because it does not come too often.

Will recommend to try it.:grin:

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Ya that movie kept popping up…

Jason Mamoa’s “see”, is very nice. Just watched EP1 yesterday , good drama

Very nice ! Watched episode 1 on the iPad, switched to the system today on episode 2 and OMG, what a big difference in sound quality

Audio quality on the series X is very good , video is fantastic as well.

Don’t need the Apple TV 4K

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Love this series too. Only have a Xbox S so still love the ATV

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I find the audio on the Xbox One X and S is more pronounced even with Netflix. Though I still prefer the PQ from UB820, and SQ for some shows

With Apple TV+, same impression with the One X/S. The Atmos music during The Morning Show is very distinct.

Just got hold of a Apple TV today. Will set it up tomorrow maybe and experience it.:grin:

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Yes, your experience is same as mine. I’m not sure how to explain it but the SQ of most Atmos based Netflix series does indeed provide a fuller and more distinct surround sound experience. The Atmos effects also benefitted largely in a way. I believed either some form of audio compression (dynamic) has been used on Netflix app or Xbox on board audio processing which utilise some form of volume levelling (softer parts like dialogue and surround effects to be elevated while heavier mix will be toned down for a more balanced sound). Much like Audyssey Dynamic Volume.

Yes, indeed the SQ is more profound on the Xbox S but I prefer the PQ from ATV. PQ from Xbox seems slightly more grainy.

Maybe it is processed with gaming in mind?

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I was just about to mention, it is way nicer on Apple TV +, the video and audio quality on the Apple TV + is superior to Netflix as far as I can tell. Very impressed, never thought streaming can be that good. Lotsa micro details, superb bass and mastering is good

I didn’t miss the quality of the Bluray rips

I can’t compare it now with the ATV4K side by side, given it away.

Too bad not much content on Apple TV +. But could that be the reason? As in full bandwidth uncompressed signal?

Definitely miles better video and audio quality compared to Netflix

So nice the audio on the drama “see”, lots and tons of micro details. You know how a blind person needs to focus on the sound? He needs to feel, he needs to listen to his surroundings etc… Exactly that type of feeling.

I watched 4 episodes continuously from 2-5 yesterday, very impressed. Kept me on tenterhooks throughout, very entertaining

9/10 for a drama series.

Very close to the quality of game of thrones on sound mastering . But GOT is still best ! Reference

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