Apple TV on Xbox

Yesterday, realised that Apple TV is now available on Xbox!.

That is great. Now left only Disney+ and Tidal to be launch here.

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Now I can watch movies from my library on the Xbox! Love it!

Yes. I am using my Xbox more and more nowadays to watch Netflix, Prime and YouTube and using the Edge browser too and the PS4 in the room do not support 4K.

Though sometimes still use the UB820 to watch if I feel like having a better PQ.

Was gribing new Apple TV version not coming, I guess now does not matter that much

You can see the trend that we are moving towards. Whether u want to deny or agree, we are slowly but surely moving towards streaming. The death knell for physical medium is near. The trendsetters are the studio, everyone wants a piece of the pie…now theatre chain is crying foul like Disney moving their new unreleased blockbusters to Disney+ and many more are following suit. Apple which just joined the streaming business will be happy to learn that since their move apparently pays off. Upcoming stuff like The Justice League, Synder Cut and even WW1984 also on streaming platform on Xmas in HBO Max.

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Ya…though I still prefer to have physical media as I still find it has better PQ and SQ, for most at least, if played on a good player. At very least, I can still keep it either as a disc or ripped for watching in future.

I believe streamed media is not kept in cloud for that long, at least for now

For my adult children, no physical media, all streamed. Too troublesome feel they.:grinning:

For mainstream consumers, it is all about convenience, price point etc. No doubt physical media still provide better PQ and SQ at this point but as technology and wifi continue to evolve, I am sure there will be an increase in bitrate for streaming contents o match the PQ and SQ of physical media.

I certainly hope one a legally cost effective service that I could buy and download a movie during my lifetime, removing the need of a physical media.

In that way, the movie could be kept much longer.

Kaleidoscape is too ex.

Oh…one more app. Singtel CAST for my soccer needs

Disney+, CAST on xbox will be my xmas wishes.:grin:
And Tidal to top it up further.

Lol…just read CNA.
Disney+ will available in Singapore on Feb 23 2021.

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Unfortunately Netflix on ps5 and Xbox runs on 60fps instead of 24. Apple TV does it on 24. Also the ps5 and Xbox are power guzzlers when streaming at around 50-80W, Apple TV 6W. I changed my mind about using consoles as serious HT streaming device. Apple TV would be a better choice I guess.

Not just the gaming consoles running at 60fps, Roku Ultra and Chromecast Google TV also the same. This is to avoid the “blank out” every time transition from the menu (60fps) and the movie (if 24fps implemented). So they stick with 60fps. While Roku does allow refresh rate change, it often doesn’t work. It will still stuck at 60fps.

That’s great news. Wanda Vision, Hawkeye series and Black Widow etc.

Very unfortunate choice just to avoid a short blank screen. Perhaps mainstream user could care less between 60 and 24. But so so important for us videophiles.

Ok. Still waiting for the new Apple TV. I feel it should be soon but it does not appear so too.:grin:

Really ? I just calibrated the HDR for Xbox series X, it is in 24fps

It allows for 23.973 FPS 4k

Will check the Netflix app tonight . Is that the new series x?

If play BluRay disc, it will support. But Netflix will be 60, at least I see that on my Xbox One X and Panny UB820 too.

Bluray will be in 24hz, streaming apps in 60. Check this detailed review

The same applies for ps5

Ya u guys are correct

Kicks into LLDV 60fps

What were you playing at that time?

Spears and munsil , the was in the process of calibrating HDR, using the test patterns from that disc

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