Apple TV on Xbox

The Apple TV app is also available on the Firestick 4K, which also can apply Dolby Vision to all video. Best of all its usually about USD25 on sale.

Anyone encounter any issue with the Apple TV app on their Xbox? The app keeps crashing. Apparently, it seems like a common issue on the Apple feedback community.

May bro Roni can help you to test?

Mine is a Xbox One X.
Been watching Apple TV fkr the last 20 mins
So far so good

Hope it help

Need to uninstall and install again. Did this too a few weeks ago. I am using Xbox S instead.

No such issues so far. Seems ok doesn’t crash.

Look like it is just an issue with Xbox S.

Ya looks highly likely it’s an Xbox s issue

Lol… I am seeing this now on my One X starting yesterday. But apparently reinstall the app only help until the next power off/on, at least for me.


Yes exactly. I have sent feedback to MS but no response from them.

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