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Came across this today, announced by apollon through their FB page

We proudly present our newest member of the premium amplifier range, the Pure Multichannel amplifier system. This special multichannel amplifier is based around the highly acclaimed Purifi 1ET400A module. It can be configured from 7 to 12 channels. The Purifi 1ET400A amplifier modules are powered by two 3.000 watt power supplies. Each channel has full power available, even when all 12 channels are driven at the same time. Every pair of channels has input sensitivity gain control. The amplifier comes as standard with XLR and RCA inputs selectable with a selector switch, 12V trigger, WBT 0703CU binding posts, two Furutech mains inlets and Neotech 12AWG UP OCC speaker wires. The input buffers come with LT3045/LT3094 LDO linear regualtors and OPA1612 or Sonic Imagery 994 op amps.

Some pics to drool, looks like one helluva beast

In case you have any doubt, here is a sample of the built 1ET400 mini stereo version

The chasis is not aluminium, but using better galvanised steel. Also the electronics inside are spaced at least 10mm apart, and lastly see how good the wiring and routing of the cables. This routing of the cables “around it” is significant, as it prevents the electronic parts from picking up stray interference signal

When u put a magnet :magnet: on top the chasis , it will not be drawn to it

In case u are wondering about the dual mono Mini stereo amplifier from apollon, here it is from Apollon

our standard Purifi 1ET400A stereo amp is a true dual mono design with two Hypex smps power supplies, a input buffer with class A discrete PRO op amps and a quite bigger enclosure. This is why our standard 1ET400 stereo amp costs quite more.

The 1ET400A mini has ic based op amps (opa1612) and both channels share one power supply. It has a much smaller form factor and is quite lighter.
Unquote :slight_smile:

That’s the dual mono version in case u need to DIY


That should be good enough for the surround speakers :rofl:

If I got this for my downstairs room I need 8 channels for left and right on my stereo rig and 13 channels for my Atmos… will go broke.

Unlike other buffers, including the Purifi EVAL1 and the Hypex NC500 Evaluation Board, this Input Buffer will provide a differential output for the Class D amplifier, even if the input to the Buffer is single-ended. This ensures that even a single-ended source can drive the 1ET400A and NC500 to clipping, something the Purifi EVAL1, Hypex NC500 Evaluation Board, and many other input buffers cannot do. Many also report improvements in sound quality when the Purifi 1ET400A and Hypex NC500 are provided a differential input.

With The Apollon version , we had two choices






I was told by Tibor the sonic imagery is a better choice. But measurements from Amir at audio science reviews confirms the impact is insignificant

So we went with the stock input buffer

Until today, still no regrets with the purifi 1ET400 from Apollon, very very good. Very satisfying especially when paired with the Divini PTY power cord, fantastic sounding

More updates now from apollon website

Our Purifi mini now comes with selectable input sensitivity gain, XLR+RCA inputs, Furutech mains inlet, WBT binding posts and Trigger as standard.

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