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Let’s wait for a real world review…especially on the UI. And yes I agreed, it is too expensive for a media player.

Tech specs looks like the same as signature series. :thinking:

His everyone, I just wanted to pick this thread up because of something noone here has mentioned about the new Zappiti devices. They appear to make the dual bay a premium feature, only on the Signature and Reference, meaning you need to shell out over £1k for 2 bays.

That’s pretty poor value, the 4kHDR pro had 2 bays as did the Duo. I have the Duo but really need to upgrade to better hardware (UI being sluggish in the main). The issue is that if I get the Neo, I would need to invest in a 16Tb hard disk which is basically enough to maintain my 2 x 8Tbs.

From a price point of view, I’m better of getting the next model up rather than buying a new hard drive which is about £400. Also, its actually very hard to find 16Tb hard disks which are 5,400rpm (ie quieter). Makes no sense to spend £400 for the same capacity though.

However, from a price point, £1,200 for this is absolutely ludicrous.

I was thinking of jumping ship altogether to Zidoo; the UHD3000 which has comparable specs to the Neo, if not the exact same at the same price, but with two bays. I have never used Zidoo and am worried the UI will be rubbish. Does any one have this device and can you share your views on the UI?

Better still if anyone has used both systems, can you say whether the UI on the Zappiti is a lot better or comparable?

Thoughts gratefully received!



I’m an owner of both the brands…currently using Zidoo UHD3000. Zappiti has the worst UI interaction I have ever used. Clunky and slow navigation to the extent that I decided to sell it. But when it comes to image quality, Zappiti is the better of the bunch. The difference back then is the chipset being used - one from Sigma and the other Realtek. Now both utilize the same RTL1619DR chip for image processing - DV, HDR, HDR10+…the only difference lies with Zappiti’s proprietary Pixelmagic engine that is better in making 1080p content to look nearly as good as 4K.

I prefer to let my display do the video processing and any form of scaling for 1080p to 4K. As you’ve mentioned, the price of Zappiti is ludicrous…Zidoo is a better buy in terms of price-to-performance ratio. I’m Asian and my movie content contains HK, Taiwan and PRC titles which I require my movie scrapping engine to be able to pick up those titles in my library, hence there is some user bias from my part.

The choice is yours to make…

Thanks a lot Desray that’s really helpful. Its certainly true that Zappiti’s upscaling is pretty flawless. I have a good OLED TV which upscales so I’m not sure if it will make a massive difference with/without Magic Pixel. One thing I didn’t quit get was: you’re using the UHD3000, so are you saying that with the new chipset its as good as Zappiti or not as good?

I think for me even if performance on paper is not as good as Zappiti, its just not worth £1k plus for this sort of device.

Thanks for replying!

I’m saying both now utilize the “same” RT1619DR Realtek chipset…the only edge for Zappiti is probably the PixelMagic engine and I can’t comment how good the PixelMagic engine will perform on the latest models but I will not recommend Zappiti simply because of the exorbitant price to pay for a media player.

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Comparison of Zappiti Models

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Just saw this yesterday , great sharing. Easier to see

Well there’s a price to pay for the French <40hrs work week and work life balance.

Unboxing of Zappiti Signature

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