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There is apparently a new firmware for the MP40/50/60 V4.0

Here is the changelog from previous firmware updates

Head straight to the download centre, there are also new Voicings now

Release Notes:
SW 4.0.0

  • New speaker setup generator
  • Added possibility for ÒbuttkickÓ output
  • More flexibility to use unused outputs.
  • Added 10dB LFE gain option on PCM input on source setup
  • Added web upload-function for restore-files
  • Added web download-function for from SD
  • Updated HDMI software
  • 8k TV improvements
  • CEC improvements
  • Updated decoder DSP software
  • New IP command channel layout added
  • New IP command AUDTYPEOUT
  • SDDP names updated
  • Bug fixes

SW 3.9.1

  • Bugfix: No sound in Center Back with Dolby Upmixer on PCM5.1 input
  • Bugfix: HDMI PCM 5.1 input @ 5.1 speaker setup is running Dolby upmix
  • Bugfix: Dolby TrueHD Atmos Clipping at output - Cracking noise when wide speakers are present.

SW 3.9.0

  • Added feature to download / upload single voicings. Voicing available for download from our webpages.
  • Updated driver names for Control4 drivers
  • Bugfix: that would cause a Factory Reset to fail under certain (rare) circumstances
  • Values for Tone Controls, Level Trims and Loudness are now saved between sessions
  • Module input routed through DSP enabling upmix.
  • Bugfix: HDMI PCM 5.1 input @ 5.1 speaker setup is running Dolby upmix
  • Bugfix: AURO upmix on PCM @ 192kHz fails
  • Zone 2ch Analog Input fails when changing Decoder input
  • HDMI software bug “Colorful mute”

SW 3.7.0

  • Roon Ready support
  • Bugfix: problem with setting Channel Gains from Web UI
  • Fixed problem with Rear Dolby Enabled speakers
  • Bugfix: HDMI audio off setting
  • Added option to redirect LFE high part to main speakers.

SW 3.6.6:

  • Bugfix: missing center channel on PCM multi-channel
  • Bugfix: possible crash at boot
  • Bugfix: RoomPerfect focus position names are now stored correctly
  • Bugfix: Web page and info display would write 9.1.4 when decoding 9.1.6


  • Bugfix: Trigger setup on sources on Setup menu
  • Bugfix: Auro TOP (voG)
  • Bugfix: Routing on 96kHz Dolby True HD


  • Installer Menu is redesigned for faster response and allow for future updates
  • Speaker and Room submenus are now in correct order for setup procedure
  • Speaker Setup page now show errors, if an unacceptable setup is entered
  • LFE Cutoff setting is now detailed.
  • Tone controls and levels on setup page
  • Bugfix: RoomPerfect Channel Gains was not updated after adding a focus position
  • Bugfix: Pseudo Center channel WITH LPCM input now processed through main speakers
  • Various bugfixes on menu operation and decoding


  • RoomPerfect update (note: no need for new calibration)
    Includes Low frequency fix (No cut-off of frequencies below 20Hz)
  • bug fixes for handling source select during quick poweron (ex. from control4)
  • bug fixes


  • Bugfix Wake-up time from standby
  • Bugfix Dolby enabled speakers


  • Bugfixes


  • Auro Clicking noise fixed
  • Bugfixes

SW 3.0.4:

  • Video settings bug fixed.

Just updated to V4.0, no issues so far

Bro Ronildoq, thanks for the information :+1:

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Now you can use buttkicker / crowsons through the Lyngdorf…

  • Added possibility for ÒbuttkickÓ output

Not bad, I didn’t try … I have mine all hooked up using mindisp with BEQ

Dare not touch the cables again… damn tiring to switch back and forth

anyone know mp40 price in sg?

$12.4k I saw retailing on carousell

I saw this too, exp

Definitely not cheap, but quality is :muscle:t2:

Gotta make sure the system has the hands and legs to fully utilise the brains from the lyngdorf processors

This means a min of 4 subwoofers, good speakers and overhead speakers to fully squeeze out every penny spent

The Chinese saying goes … 一分钱一分货

This is one of those things, the main strength with this processor is the room eq programme room perfect, it’s the best to date. From my experience this is one of the best if not the best room eq software

no doubt lyngdorf processors are good products, but local price mark up too high. my friend in china just bought mp40, from authorized dealer, slightly above s$9k only

Agreed…the mark-up is too high here.

If SG is ex, in the UK it’s worse… cost way more

Just came across this yesterday

That’s like $15.2 for the MP40…:scream::scream::scream::scream:

Not sure if they have like “ street price” or comes with special calibration services included…

Definitely not cheap in other countries

Difficult to compare I suppose

Oh ya, in case you are wondering, the FW version 3.9.1 had the best room EQ correction to date. Some how there is a lot of improvements on the algorithm in this version

Worked fantastically for me

not sure what is the exact price in uk, this could be street price

I think that’s the MSRP, street price could be lower. Not sure

But word is that prices are going up everywhere, including this. Shipping cost has gone up significantly. If u notice, subwoofer pricing has gone up too, with JTR subs

All going up! Thank god I’m done with my upgrades ! Close shop for upgrade

My next target is to look for an AT screen with Ambient Light Rejection capabilities… then final piece will be a laser PJ

ya, JTR price up this Jan, many china guys replace JL G213V2 with RS2, one 213 can buy 2 x RS2 but one 213 cant beat 2 RS2

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Wah bro, looks like u have lotsa “Kang tao” from Chinese friends, next time will know who to contact :rofl:

Ya JTR is another fantastic subwoofer

Does any of your friends in China use the Lyngdorf processor ? How is their impression ? Are these the new MP60?

ya, lately joined a few China AV/HiFi wechat groups, each group 60+ to 400+ members, many of them using very high end stuffs, for example, Trinnov (4 altitude16 and 3 altitude 32 users), Lyngdorf (2 MP50, 3 MP60 and 1 MP40 users) and Theta prepro (many, Theta casablanca 4/5 are very popular in china), Maestro/Stella speakers, JL G213, JTR RS2, etc, even got 1 or 2 users of wisdom STS subs).

In general, Lyngdorf users are happy, be it MP40, 50 or 60. there is one guy A/B lyndorf MP60 and Trinnov altitude 16 together with external DACs (holo audio May Leve 3 DAC is very popular too, 19 users in the wechat group), his comment is:
if Trinnov + May Level 3 = 100
MP60 + May Level 3 = 90
MP60 without May = 80
Trinnov without May only score 60

so Lyngdorf is highly appreciated by China users. all 5 users (1 MP60 ordered but yet used) in the group are happy.

this is a photo of a guy who just upgraded his home theater room, moving his gears in - 3 Maestro (LCR), 4 JL G213V2 and Trinnov Altitude 32…

Nice :+1:t2:

Good news for the MP60 users

But wait…

Why is it not the full 48gbps ?

Why need to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade? Might as well wait again…

That means one cannot take advantage of the full bandwidth, knowing Dolby vision will be in 12bit, one would need to sacrifice with lower refresh rates

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