All hail the new midbass king?

Just came across this Perlisten brand, they look mighty impressive !

Check out the reviews


The distortion numbers looks impressive , using the CEA 2010 burst tones to test the subwoofers for distortion.

At 31.5hz, 113.7db, distortion is 2.4% at the place of the author who did the measurements

Price is also impressive ! USD9k ! :grimacing:

The D215s enters the strata of audio products where performance is immaculate, much like their S7t loudspeakers , or ultra-low distortion amps such as the Purifi modules or the Benchmark AHB2 or ultra-low distortion DACs with a greater than 130dB range of clean signal output. These are all state-of-the-art products- the very best performance that money can buy for the purpose of sonic accuracy. A system where price is not an object and audio performance is not negotiable could certainly include Perlisten D215s subwoofers. The best of the best is not inexpensive, but the good news is that there are certainly subwoofers that are more expensive than the D215s that would not match its performance. If you want one of the most advanced and accurate subwoofers on the planet per decibel of output as well as per cubic foot of space, the D215s has to be my first suggestion

Perlisten speakers are also very good !

All hail the new king ?? I think so…

WTF?! No way! The money can be well spent in other areas that can improve the overall sound. Granted LFE is important but that price…

Ya! Crazy right ? Unbelievable pricing…

I can build multiple purifi PTT drivers line array at that price, won’t be far off either

But somehow, I believe some will still buy it

Too pricey for me too. No way spending so much on a sub.

You built any PTT array to date?
I did my share of DIY speakers in the past using Scanspeak drivers,… interesting diversion but for proper execution, there are so many areas to address. A great driver with good linear flat frequency response is just 30% of the equation, just like in a HT setup, there are far more components and criteria that influences the final outcome - I gave up after 1 pair of floostander, 1 pair of standmount and a center. It was fun while it last :sweat_smile:

9K is very expensive for a sub for most of us, but it is not too expensive in those system where the stereo setup is over 100K system, thus it’s probably not for our mkt segment


No PTT array, using Seas L26roy 10” , 6 of them on each side using speaker power amplifiers for each .

I wanted to go PTT 8 on each side, but because I already own 4 x 10” seas, I decided to expand on what I have instead of selling and buying all 16x PTT from Denmark. It wasn’t cheap by any means.

I got the help of synthesis to build it for me. He is really good with diy stuff. I’d highly recommend looking for him if u r into DIY stuff. He makes it look so easy with the carpentry work, pro!

I saw one Malaysian company selling it. Very eager to find out how good this perlisten is, speakers and subwoofers. Very good speakers too

I know a friend of mine is using the JL Gotham

$20k plus sub… they will spend if they like it…

I first got to know the seatons f18 from him, he is the first in Singapore with the seatons F18. When I demoed at his place, I had goosebumps when ULF kicked in, his is dedicated HT room, so it’s very easy to pressurise the room. After I experienced it, I ordered 4xf18 for my living room… no turning back since… all in cost me close to sgd12k for the 4x f18, same $12k for the pair of line arrays. So I have like $25k worth of subwoofers at my home now….

U might be wondering if I’m crazy, but I’m not SPLs crazy, I’m into the fine details, articulated bass steering … those sort of bass, will require tons of headroom… so I’m basically after the headroom, all the subs at 1/2 their volume in cruising mode… not maxed out for SPLs / dollar

Well you are in the right direction as many high-end flagship speaker manufacturers employ the same strategy…

This one cost over usd200k retail, thus your investment in comparison seems very reasonable :joy:

I know Syn, he was there around the same time as I was building my spkrs; I just do not have his god-level perseverance and passion;

My finest output from that adventure…

Build in-progress…

Final product after applying wood veneer, staining and several layers of lacquer…

These days I’m just too old for such hard work.


Wow, very beautiful piece of centre channel speakers u have there ! Very nice

I know how challenging it is to diy, especially getting the XO right. I’m so lazy to diy. I don’t have the energy to learn diy stuff. But I enjoy calibration stuff instead, calibrating for audio, video, those sort of stuff, but not carpentry stuff. Hopeless at those stuff

Yea that’s how I like to do it, I’d prefer to let subs handle what it does best, Low frequencies. I’m all for the headroom, especially for the speakers. So when I measure and get down to the numbers, I always focus on headroom and distortion numbers, including group delays and timing. That always comes first for me. SPLs doesn’t carry as much weight for me, not playing to ear bleeding levels. But accuracy, articulation, bass steering… these all come as top priority for me, no compromise in this area when I dial in the system . That’s why this Perlisten, looks promising indeed. It has quite good numbers , pricey but looks very promising from a design perspective

Normally what I’ll always do is when I pop by at others place for demo, I try and pick up what’s best in that set up and I’m not shy to experiment and move things around on mine using what I have picked up from that place. Nothing to lose really. If it doesn’t work, just revert to previous state.

Like when placing speakers away from the wall, we have that depth in sound stage, especially for music. Certain things need to be done in specific way for it to sound right. Normally, I will combine this technique with objective measurements, listen, rinse and repeat. Once we keep doing that, we will be able to relate what it all means , like what is resonances, how long the note decays, how much more silent is silent, until we do that, we are just guessing how good is good. Once we have the benchmark numbers, more or less we will know how good it is going to be.

Recently I visited 2 set ups. One my uncle, one another member who upgrade his main speakers and moved his floor standers to surround. And I was so convinced how using a pair of good floorstanders as surrounds really uplifted the entire sound stage. 5.1 music sounded incredible ! Movies as well.

We often hear people say, just focus on getting the best LCR, the rest just use normal speakers . But if one can do the same for all 5 channels, that’s really really awesome for HT and 5.1 music

Atmos songs are also quite nice , not bad

How are you doing Bro? :smiley:
I still admire your speaker built. Superb :+1:
I think it was back around 2006 when I started with ProAc R2.5 clone.
Nowadays things are much easier with available crossover simulation, but off course woodworking is still the same… :sweat_smile:

Hi Syn,
All things considered, I’m pretty OK.
Yep, those builds were a long time ago. If I can afford a bigger place with a proper workshop, I might entertain the idea of a sub build just for the fun of it. But as it is, I’m very much happy with just buying pieces to mix and match… tbh, I’m not as critical on audio as I used to be. Very impressed that you are still going strong after all these years.

I am looking fwd to see your handy work on our Bro Roni sub array :smiley:
And maybe some of your more recent creations too

I fully agree with you on this - coming from an audiophile path, it is all about quality vs quantity. No point having quantity if quality sucks. However, once u have quality, u also need quantity as well, ie to be able to push it and not lose control aka the headroom that you are talking about.

I had that “dream” once, but reality is that you need a really big room for the dream to come true. It is also conflicting - audio vs video… both requires space. In wall speakers can never out perform a free standing speakers in pure sonic capability - and giant speakers will get in the way as in blocking your view of screen. Example, at some point, I was toying with ideas of getting those huge horn speakers from AvantGarde,…Thus knowing the priorities and compromises.

Actually at one point when I was still single, I had a 5.1 system will 4 floorstanders - but I’m using small surrounds now - acceptable compromise in my books, there’s life beyond hifi/av;

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Very good, nicely done by bro synthesis, I actually love it a lot. It gave me the satisfaction finally. I was fiddling for 3 years, it took me 3 solid years, moving things around, swapping out different subs, test with demo material, measuring to and forth, rinse and repeat so many times. I love the 18” but I wanted a faster transient attack on the upper frequencies to balance the boat. Finally once I got the line arrays done, big smile on my face. Music and HT both very satisfying

I shared that journey on the previous xtremeplace forum. Too bad dunno what has happened to that forum…

Recommended to other friends, some of them will be doing it as well. And already in touch with synthesis I believe . But prices for amplifier and drivers and shipping has gone up significantly

Full Perlisten

Another brand, push pull configuration MK15”


Looks promising. Which vendor in SG carries MK?

Hope databass will review it and take measurements.

Ya there is….

Subjective sound quality review of the perlisten D212S
Dual 12 in sub. Solid in room response down below 10hz too.

Looking good.

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I heard very “expensive”…

Wah how much is one pc?

For Perlisten D212s, the MSRP is about US$6,995. This is a 12" woofer driver. There is also a 15" model, Perlisten D215s which commands an MSRP of US$9K. I’m not sure whether we have any local dealers for this brand. If I sell my JL Audio in the near future, I will probably get 2 of their sealed versions - D12s.

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