All hail the new midbass king?

Looking forward to checking out the Perlisten, not sure who owns this in Singapore or bought these.

Speakers are also good, THX dominus status and has shown good measurement results

Ya thanks for sharing, wanted to check out that video, forgot about it

Wah so ex…

The sub definitely look impressive. Maybe have grp buy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My next subwoofer upgrade AFTER JL Audio will be the Perlisten D12s. The price is super duper expensive for a 12" sealed subwoofers imo. Using MSRP as a guide, we are looking easily at >S$10K if we go for dual D12s setup!!! I guess the THX Dominus certification has something to do with the high price? To date, I do not see any local dealer carrying Prelisten. Our close neighbor up north has a dealer.

The D215S with dual front and bottom firing drivers (using pull-and-push) have a footprint of a small washing machine! The weight is >100kg! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

The net weight alone is nigh impossible for any single user to move. Imagine you want to move this “giant” subwoofer around to find a good spot??? You will break your back in no time!


Wow nice. Ordered already? :smiley:

Perlisten are planning for an local dealer in Singapore. Soon they will have a dealership in Singapore. The price seems quite high though.

Yes it does.

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Haha…no lar. Just keeping it in my radar when I decide to upgrade next time.

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I really found this quite puzzling. The perlisten speakers and subs in this picture landed at the malaysian dealer about 6 months before we even saw much marketing or reviews on the mainstream channels.

Malaysian dealers also have Arendal stock on hand, and even Procella. Starke pro cinema line also being setup for demo.

I guess the market or the interest in such things in Singapore is really niche and almost nonexistent…

Yeah…it only goes to show Malaysians are more “xtreme” than us when it comes to home theater stuff, if their dealers willing to bring in, it signals there is a sizeable demand for it. Our local dealers cannot deal with large quantity. I guess the majority of the Singaporeans preferred lifestyle products like UST projector and good soundbar due to the limited real estate in our homes. Some also daunted by the number of speakers in a home cinema and getting pass the wife acceptance is difficult. Hence, the demand for home theater stuff like the gigantic Perlisten subwoofers which weighs a ton and take up space is not something many Singaporeans will go for. Only a handful like us will go crazy about it. Members like Winthur (Wind) and Bryan (Roni) have understanding spouses but not many out there.

Really challenging if living in Msia, as it stands, if I’m buying the subs at sgd10k, it’s gonna be RM31.5k for the subs ! Just subwoofers alone…

Purchasing power…. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

These are probably best sold to the Datuks … who probably has no clue or time to appreciate the quality…

For the average consumers, that’s pretty steep…

Spare change… on perlisten subs, 202 pounds, no joke definitely need help to move it around …