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Ok I’ll be sharing my journey here with the new XBOX Series X, not really an expert with the new console, but will share along the way, including video calibration for HDR

On the recent issue of Xbox series x being hot, there have been reports that it is not true.

Check out the video from this guy

Ray , you have got yours in pre-ordered as well ?

I got mine from Harvey norman, best part is, HN has already sent me two emails asking me to review the Xbox series x… lol without the set , how to review sia… lol :joy:

Yes, I read somewhere that heat is not really an issue anymore. Did u guys see the unboxing and first impression vids of the PS5 in youtube. It’s huge. Stick out like a sore thumb imo. Placement is going to be an issue.

I didn’t pre-order the PS5 or new Xbox. Not in a hurry for me :grin:

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Ya saw that one, tear down… lol

Ya slowly ba, for me I’ve got 2 kids at home, and it’s holiday soon, 1 whole month , plus we can’t go anywhere, really dunno what to do, can’t be studying or homework all day also, so balancing it out, sports, games , board games etc etc

It’s really nice, they used to fight and argue(siblings), but it’s nice to see them teamwork together to defeat the enemy . Simple game but the relationship improves between both kids . They start discussing strategies etc… so cute :blush:

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My kids are bugging me to get the Nintendo Switch instead for the school break.

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Not sure why the new-gen consoles are so huge. Thought components and hardware are getting more compact.

Nintendo switch is fun too, good exercise too

Xbox unboxing soon, will have some free time now to hook up my new gaming system. Will be spending some time to analyse this gaming console together with all the features.

Can’t wait, pretty excited playing back HDR gaming in Atmos on 135” soon

Will be checking out the BD function too and I’ll share how I optimise the system with the BenQ 5700 projector in gaming mode for the best possible video quality

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Look forward to your review on this…so I guess you getting the X-Box Series X and not the S version. If the former, pls confirm whether DV playback is player-led (LLDV) or able to support TV-led (unadulterated DV).

Yes will be the series X, I will confirm this so everyone will be able to see first hand

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On the Sony side of the field…Just saw Vincent Teoh’s YT clip where he mentioned that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which is an important feature for gamers seem to be missing from PS5.

In addition, there will not be or limited support for 3D gaming (which imo is a dying tech) and that’s not good…Seems like XBox Series X/S will be a better value for money this year for gamers? Any Playstation fan here?

Ya, HDR and VRR don’t go hand in hand. The series x hardware looks damn solid, can’t wait. I watch a lot of Netflix too. Looking forward to using the Xbox for Netflix and also check out how good the audio and video is for Netflix . Quite interesting if it is nicer then I don’t need the ATV4K no more

Yes, ditch the ATV if I were you…The Netflix PQ with Dolby Vision flag does LLDV much better than ATV. It utilize the full bandwidth maxing out at 600Mhz for a HDMI 2.0b.

So PQ for Netflix on the Xbox is better? How about Atmos implementation? It seems to be a hit or miss situation on the Xbox?

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Atmos on my Xbox One X sounded fuller for Dolby Atmos tracks.

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Yea will confirm all of these this week, will have the time to test out. Based on the hardware specs, this looks like it’s gonna last me at least another 5-7 years easily.

The choice by Microsoft for backwards compatibility also works in our favour. We can still play the old games and those that are suitable for kids

Very excited, haven’t tested in Atmos HDR before.

There is also BEQ (bass EQ) for games !!

I’ll share more details how I’ll try to squeeze out every juice out from the Xbox series X

Just had to get this game as the first game for series X, RPG less complex game that all can play together, and enjoy the story. It Had to be this game!:rofl:

How about those non-Atmos tracks? They are also embedded with Atmos for my Xbox

Actually you will find that Dolby Atmos and HDR are used more aggressively in games than in movies and music content.

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