100" TV screen sooner than expected

the price is out…
螢幕擷取畫面 (502)
…not expected as high as what i’ve earlier speculated to be around $6k, but roughly $5k surprisingly considering that this model employed Pentonic 700-MT9618 SoC with HiSense’s Picture Engine.

below are the key attractions to the hardware.

price leaked over @ Courts side, shows that they’re trying to get the price close to PRISM+ model that may win in the Audio performance thru inbuilt multi-channel speakers, but not competitive in Video field… certainly not price matching.

could this be a “sign”…

…not about clearing stock for new replacement model, but something bigger?

ok… the RRP is out…

asking @ $6k! this would be a direct challenge to Samsung as well as TCL!
making PRISM+ and HiSense QLED 100" model look lower class to consumers!

here’s a glance at the general specs…

3yrs warranty where 1st year gets full coverage, together 2nd and 3rd year partially covered with labor and transportation, but PANEL and BACKLIGHT not included.

hmmm… if i’m a buyer for such Gigantic Display, my best bet will likely be…
erhem… we’ll see how the price will drop, when Aiwa 98incher don’t get much response!

to draw attentions from PRISM+ buyers, AiWa puts a demo set @ Giant Tampines for lookers close assessment!

not only price revised to price match, they throw in a set of 2.1 soundbar free as well!
well this certainly look attractive, but… VV Digital, don’t u study what PRISM+ offers?