100" TV screen sooner than expected

Above is a glimpse of what the future holds for bug TV screen. This is a sample LED panel with FLAD. At US$20K, the price of owning one of these babes is prohibiting but if the R&D continues and with economies of scale attained on the technical know how and manufacturing process, projector may soon be relegated.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of using a TV panel as opposed to any projector currently available in the market right now is the ability to utilize all the best of HDR technologies has to offer. For instance, a true TV led Dolby Vision as opposed to LLDV processed by the source (bluray or media player) which is often much inferior.

Looking forward to the day that I will ditch my projector for a TV panel. Hopefully the time comes earlier rather than later…from the looks of it, it is not too far out.

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But there won’t be any AT TV…

Haha…that’s true. You can’t place speakers behind the TV.

I think the day to see affordable 100" or 85" is not far.

Currently, the 75" and 85" FALD LED 2021 panels for Sony and Samsung are at a much more affordable price than in the past few years.

Not to mention brands like hisense too which gives good vfm for 85" and 75" FALD LED panels.

And tv is much more practical for usage and setup for SG context where houses are generally small and difficult to have a dedicated HT room

Actually, center speaker consideration aside, the acoustics is a large factor too,

We all know having a large glass sliding door on one sidewall, or the wall behind MLP is bad for acoustics. Most put a thick curtain over it.

Imagine now the front wall is also 100in or 120in of glass… the front sound stage will be affected by this, even without considering the position of the center speaker…

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So true…

Both has its strengths and weaknesses. Guess it boils down to what fits the family’s usage requirements / limitations

My guess is many with large tv’s just use built in speakers or sound bars. Full cinema experience is still going to be with a PJ and even AT screen