100" TV screen sooner than expected

a peek on what’s coming from HiSense this “N” year to global markets, beside the 110" UX-N.

what’s missing in the picture are the 50" U6N and 100" U7N,

which according to the report here, is re-model referenced as 100U76N for U.S. market.

year “N” UX series do not have “on point” 100inch model as that “breaking 100” throne is reserved for the 110UX-N.

instead, interested buyers will get the option to go for “close to 100” 98inch make from the UX series.

while in the report, 6000nits in brightness score is expected to be the year to year upgrade… i would expect on something else, such as the improvement on picture engine.

:grin: buyer’s regret? :grin:

the only thing to blame… lack of patience to wait?

to whoever had drawn out their CPF concerns…

…if you’ve $27K to splurge on a gigantic display for immersive experience…
remember to put down ur window curtains and blinds when watching prawn… u wouldn’t wanna scare the poor kinds in the opposite side of ur block with sausage and abalones, right?

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nowadays when we mentioned about 100" screens, the Chinese marque of both TCL and HiSense comes into mind. then, those who follows local OEM like PRISM+ will be able to call out one such mega sized model… without thinking further whether the mainstream marques like SONY and SAMSUNG or LG had their offerings to the market.
actually, both LG & SAMSUNG did have close 100" makes introduced into the market in the past but due to their price… and not much consumers have confidence that such a price is justifiable for a product that may not last that long in ownership and usage, as well as delivery challenges, the market response is cold.

SONY jumped late into the close 100" pool with their 98X90L in U.S. and selected Asian market, with exclusion of local market. from the size of the screen, i guess the panel is supplied by CSOT of TCL as CSOT supplies to SAMSUNG as well.

while i have no idea how HiSense do their business in U.S. market…

…in local scene, it makes logical sense that HiSense can do a “sales halt” whenever their appointed retailers put up their new products in respective website listings.

such “halt” can often have good strong reason such as “un-confirmed pricing” or “1st batch inventory low” to back them up. however to some on-lookers, it’s “u know i know” generation of HYPE!

TCL just opened a concept store at Northpoint City basement this week. For those interested to take a look at their big screen TV offering.

not 100" or any size close… but from PHILIPS, their 2nd largest TV in history, should be sized deliverable to buyers who dwell in HDB blocks with lift size that could accommodate…

…a 86incher!
for the moment, the product page is not up for access to see through on specification and features. the only thing that can be confirmed is that, PQT designation is to indicate that this is a QLED display with Quantum Dot layer, while the ‘3’ could likely to indicate that it could b a higher refresh rate panel… which i assume could be 120Hz that is mature by now.

Paid a visit today. If you are expecting a nice showroom to showcase their TVs, you will be disappointed. There were 3 TVs on display, two in the shop, which by the way is very small. The 98" was displayed as a window display. You will see it through the shop display glass which makes it worse and has even more reflection. The content that was being demoed was extremely bad and does not do any justice at all. When I asked to change to better content, they tried to steam 1080p content from youtube. Sigh, have to say I came away with a not being impressed at all with the quality as its not even setup properly to showcase their high end product

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i personally wouldn’t expect a TCL shop to be “how flagship” if compared to PRISM+. at least the latter have “true” brick and mortar shop to accommodate their product of different sizes and categories. HiSense is considerably much better than TCL… of course that would come with a little price more

[quote=“desray, post:1, topic:498”]

Above is a glimpse of what the future holds for bug TV screen. This is a sample LED panel with FLAD. At US$20K, the price of owning one of these babes is prohibiting but if the R&D continues and with economies of scale attained on the technical know how and manufacturing process, projector may soon be relegated… … …[/quote]
surprise surprise… come across this old model that was ever sold in local market before. 5yrs before the initial thread started!

to Korean Marque supporters!
the Korean makers didn’t forget the possible hidden demand for their products!
螢幕擷取畫面 (417)
coming soon… to take on what the Chinese giants offered to local market.
is QN90 miniLED? while DU900 entry level spec’ed model like PRISM+?
anyway, with Korean badge, it’ll likely to priced to make Samsung the Kia Stinger in TV world! :grin:

considering that “close to 100” could be more common among many other marques as production volume and supplies goes up from CSOT to interested adopters… that may trigger BoE to boost up their production volume as well to compete with the TCL Giant.
here is a screen grab of measurement of China market SONY’s 98x90L that comes with bezel.
螢幕擷取畫面 (420)
u can see that it is slightly under 2.2m wide. hence to 97"OLED, a 2.2m wide wall is still required as the overall width won’t fall under 2.1m.

IKEA should revise the size of “measurement board”…

…to show how a close 100” display would look like if paired with a short sized console, like the one shown here, @1.8m.

5 near 100" models from TCL to local market!
螢幕擷取畫面 (451)

how low can a mega screen price go?

in local scene, the only choice to hunt one sized 80+ under the $2000 price tag would be from AiWa, powered by webOS and comes with 3yrs partial warranty where the panel gets only a year coverage.

at such price, buyer would get the most simplistic configuration where the TV works… as a TV, without features like DELSEC- Dolby Entry Level Sensory Experience Configuration where Dolby Vision and Dolby Virtual Atmos would be included.

the same stuff is just announced from Vizio for the U.S. market…

…with the most basic configuration as well, at a price that comes close to SGD$1400, but with not much information on their warranty package.
here’s the user manual where for anybody’s interest, and reference…

PHILIPS SG had just updated their website with a 3rd “MEGA-sized” model that goes over the 80 boundary. from the model number as well as the specification infos…

…in comparison to the 2 models above, the only thing attractive from PHILIPS would be the GOOGLE-TV-OS and the inclusion of DELSEC. otherwise, the configuration will be as simple as it is, without PHILIPS proprietary Picture Engine and QuantumDOT layer. with GOOGLE OS and DELSEC, my guess is that the tagged price won’t go under $2000 figure considering that PHILIPS basic warranty comes 3yrs full coverage.

so… surprise us, PHILIPS.

a surprise from the budget front line brands!

close 100incher coming from AiWa!
currently there’s no specific webpage to display the technical specification of this budget make… which could go much lower than $4000 to draw more attentions from PRISM+ buyers.
considering that AiWa badged Android/Google system TVs are made by ChangHong while their webOS TVs are made by Konka, from those clues, i come across 2 possible models that AiWa’s upcoming WS-988s could be based on.
from ChangHong-
from Konka-

the possible aesthetic look on the model, if the local model is the same as what’s selling in China.

the price of close~100inch entry level TV from Samsung announced!
USD$4000 launching into U.S. market.

locally as advertised in MEGADISCOUNT store, 1.5x @SGD$6000!

for an entry level model from an established marque, $2000 above local OEM, and $6++ above what Chinese Marque offers with 2yrs old model…

…the only benefit i see with Samsung, is “NEWNESS”.

akan datang…

…a 100incher QLED to take on what Sammy and TCL can offer, but without GoogleOS.
price wise, i assume would hover around $6K point reference to what i saw offered in Thai market…

…where some other Thai retailers have better offers, pushing the price lower than Samsung to draw more attentions.

this gal is so…

…excited to get her hand on the 100U76N.

local buyers can only drool… if HiSense SG pushes the 100Q7N with ViDAA OS.