Zidoo Z9X issue with (NTP) Date/Time Sync after power down

The issue with this NTP date/time sync issue is because Zidoo did not include a 3V cell battery in their units when they shipped out. And because of that, whenever you shut down the unit, the media player’s date/time will always reset until it receives an internet connection to trigger the NTP. However, this is not always the case. Until Zidoo can get the NTP to work properly in the next firmware (probably low priority in the developer’s list of bugs to fix), the current workaround is to install cell battery yourself. It is pretty easy, just make sure you get the right 3V cell - i.e. CR1220. It cost around $1.20 or cheaper.

In due respect , even if I know your name , but without your consent, I should not openly name it .
You are free to open up your Zidoo Z9x as you wish but please be reminded that once the seal is tampered with, the warranty is null and Void . We do not know at this point of time , after your posting without prejudice, how many have opened up and inserted the battery onto the set. Hence, the warranty is Void.
Your action may and may not in one way or other resulted in any damage to the internal electronics or parts, if anyone opens the casing after reading your posting and not careful enough .
As you failed to advise them at their own risk, will you want to be held responsible for their act ?

Peng Chee Keong
ECON AV Concepts Pte Ltd
Local Agent and Service provider of Zidoo

With Reference to your post
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How important is this battery? In my unit I notice some user config never stay across reboot (already reported to Zidoo forum). Is the missing battery the cause of this?

Maybe the battery can be installed by the authorized distributor so that the unit warranty remains intact…

Notice your post on zidoo forum , most of this are coding and the team is working on it .
the battery is not a must , as the real time should base on NTP .
We do know some user off the set and power up that take a longer time to syn , the team are working on that , all this should adr by FW … more time is needed , there is one Zidoo , many user many dif display /AVR/ network setup we will hv to deal with .
So , please be patient with the zidoo team and thanks for your support.

Thank you, Peng. Good to know the issues I am facing are not battery related, and can be fixed via firmware. I am looking forward to the firmware update that is to be released soon.

BTW, I just found a new bug, going to report to Zidoo forum soon. :sweat_smile:

The battery does not affect the operation of the media player. It is just the date/time unable to synchronised upon startup after you have shit down the unit. It could be an annoyance for some. I read this solution from Zidoo official forum and realised that there is an absence of the cell battery which used to come in bundle with older models like Z9S. I agreed with Peng, opening up the player could void warranty as such it will be better to wait for the solution from official source.

I will make sure to state that in my sale that the warranty for my Z9X considered void because I have opened it before even though the set is working fine.

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