Zero post accounts will be removed after 30 days

The system will perform an auto-purge on all “zero post” accounts after 30 days as an effort to eradicate spam bots.


30 days kind of too short period, isn’t it? Will an email be sent to account holder to notify of purging?

Yes. This is a Discourse feature. 30 days is default. Have no plans to change. If one is to register and not going to post after a month…I see no point that he will ever be contributing. In the past, there were numerous zero post count members (lurkers) in XP forum, some literally for more than 3 yrs! They will only “surface” from the burrows when there are something beneficial to them - case in point, the distribution of XP Demo Discs in the past. It is precisely this group of people that betrayed my trust by selling it in the gray market w/o my consent and knowledge. Since then, I have decided to stop all Demo disc production. This is one of the reasons why I stick to 30 days…but the **MAIN reason is to stop spambot.**

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That is…I am pretty busy with college so I haven’t really posted so much as a sentence. So should I at least post one a month?

No need…just 1 post to prevent the account from being purged. That is my understanding from that feature.

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