Yamaha shouldn't be waiting, while other major players in the audiophile arena are pushing out

…multichannel soundbar system with expandable expansion capability!
here is Yamaha’s 2023 answer to brand supporters call, with Yamaha Tru-X series!
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the system starts with a 600euro 2.2.2 bar branded as True X Bar 40A which packs a left+right stereo front channel drivers, 2 height shooting drivers, and 2 3inch low frequency integrated subwoofers.

in another retail package with a dedicated wireless subwoofer package in, the system is rebranded as TRUE X 50A.
wireless surround speakers are sold separately.

the Yamaha True-X system according to official specification listed in European page, is not DTS-X or IMAX-Enhance Audio Certified.
currently not listed for sale in Singapore Official Site yet.

Nice. I’m a huge fan of modular systems that can be expanded.

But the basic sound bar first. Then add subs. Add another sub. Then add surrounds. Preferably all wireless…

The WISA system is already there but all the big brands don’t want to play ball… All want to do their own proprietary systems…

The consumer loses in the end…

With a WISA enable TV, you can buy a WISA enabled center, subs, surrounds. They are all wireless and all connect directly to the TV… No need AVR…

yup… PHILIPS is one such brand in local market with their FB1

everything in one system, ready for expansion, yet… expansion products only available in European market, not SG. no idea whether is this a hiccup in SG’s sales and marketing team or what, such as global distribution control.
Sony have the same stuff with their HT-A5000, but expansion product available like HarmanKardon Citation 1100, and Bose soundbars as well.

from one computer sound product accessory manufacturer to challenge another established marque whose first multichannel soundbar is on the verge of considerably old in engineering…

SonicGear’s first Dolby Atmos soundbar system that comes in 3 configurations is priced… ehh… to challenge Creative’s SXFi Carrier that comes with just one 10inch wireless sub, and PRISM+ systems that comes with different sized subs, depending on the models one may eye on.

to take on PRISM+ multichannel entry model, the RIPPLE, SonicGear’s $499 StudioBar 3000 comes with a bar in 3.0.2 configuration and a wireless sub-woofer shown above the packs a down firing 8inch driver.

to take on the SYMPHONY system from PRISM+, SonicGear’s $699 StudioBar 6000 system may look identical to StudioBar 3000 in terms of content but comes with addition of 2 wireless surround speakers that pushes up the system configuration to 5.1.2.

SonicGear’s $999 StudioBar 9000, to take on Creative’s SXFi Carrier that’s now on the way priced low to clear stock, making way for probably 2nd Version that might come in 2024, comes with the same package as StudioBar 6000 but with an addition of another sub-woofer, that pushes up the system configuration to 5.2.2.

SonicGear’s Atmos Soundbar package doubles as Karaoke Soundbar system that which ever package one chooses, will have 2 wireless mics included.
check out SonicGear’s listings for more details.

the full specifications here…

on a side note…the finalize prices seems to be jacked up from initial launch.
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…or was the previous prices were actually pre-order deposit figures?

Seems like it’s all the rage these days for soundbar. First is Creative, now more is coming onboard.

being a sound accessory manufacturer in the computing field, yes, Creative is the first local marque to push out their first uber expensive Atmos soundbar, the SonicCarrier. in the computing field, Razer’s offering stays in 2.1 configuration without virtual Atmos processing hardware, while Creative pushes out their Stage360 to beat most other competitors

it seems like Nakamichi had added numbers of soundbar makes to their budget friendly APOLLO range with numbers of Atmos capable models.

from the aesthetic looks of the APOLLO range of products, including the earlier release of 5.1.2ch APOLLO 520 available to local market, it seems pretty obvious that this range of products are OEMs that is slapped with NAKAMICHI badge, while the SHOCKWAFE and DRAGON range is NAKAMICHI’s own designed and engineered products.

out of the new additions, only 5 systems are Atmos capable.

the POSEIDON 310 is a 3.1.2ch in a single bar system that resonates to SONY STH-5000A or PHILIPS FB1 design, that packs an integrated subwoofer.

POSEIDON 502 is a 180wRMS 5.1.2ch system with a bar that packs 3.0.2ch with a separate wireless subwoofer and 2 satellite surrounds that are battery rechargeable.

the ATHENA 520A carries the same configuration as the POSEIDON 502 above, but comes slightly higher power in total @ 195wRMS.

Athena 520AK – Nakamichi Home Audio.
while 520AK is karaoke capable.

lastly the APOLLO 580 comes with the same configuration as above, but in a “premium” look design cabinets that kind of resontates to Samsung 9 series soundbars. total power output goes up to 205wRMS.

no pricing yet on all new model listings. the new additions are also not listed any sales platform u might knew of. these new additions may or may not available in local scene, but reference to earlier available APOLLO 520 that’s limited to sales platform like LAZADA and SHOPEE, the new additions to APOLLO series could likely be possible to introduce to local market.

wouldn’t this SANSUI system currently selling in China looks…

yup! scroll up for answer!

the picture shown above is a 7.2.4ch configuration with driver layout like this…

…while what was introduced to local market earlier is a 5.2.2 configuration.
that means… there’s a probability the SONICGEAR could push out a 7.2.4ch product to “truly” challenge CREATIVE,
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…who had been relying on 5.1.2ch configuration to put them onto multi-channel soundbar stage, taking on foreign makes.

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