Yamaha shouldn't be waiting, while other major players in the audiophile arena are pushing out

…multichannel soundbar system with expandable expansion capability!
here is Yamaha’s 2023 answer to brand supporters call, with Yamaha Tru-X series!
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the system starts with a 600euro 2.2.2 bar branded as True X Bar 40A which packs a left+right stereo front channel drivers, 2 height shooting drivers, and 2 3inch low frequency integrated subwoofers.

in another retail package with a dedicated wireless subwoofer package in, the system is rebranded as TRUE X 50A.
wireless surround speakers are sold separately.

the Yamaha True-X system according to official specification listed in European page, is not DTS-X or IMAX-Enhance Audio Certified.
currently not listed for sale in Singapore Official Site yet.

Nice. I’m a huge fan of modular systems that can be expanded.

But the basic sound bar first. Then add subs. Add another sub. Then add surrounds. Preferably all wireless…

The WISA system is already there but all the big brands don’t want to play ball… All want to do their own proprietary systems…

The consumer loses in the end…

With a WISA enable TV, you can buy a WISA enabled center, subs, surrounds. They are all wireless and all connect directly to the TV… No need AVR…

yup… PHILIPS is one such brand in local market with their FB1

everything in one system, ready for expansion, yet… expansion products only available in European market, not SG. no idea whether is this a hiccup in SG’s sales and marketing team or what, such as global distribution control.
Sony have the same stuff with their HT-A5000, but expansion product available like HarmanKardon Citation 1100, and Bose soundbars as well.