XP is finally gone

Just tried to open Stereonet Asia - aka XP… and I realised it has been merged with Stereonet Oz…

Yup, it’s merged. The classifieds and events are split with Australia/NZ and Spore/Msia.

So sad to see it going that way. Because the local community posting there is much lesser now, compared to last time. Its almost like a dead town.

I’ve highlighted that what they are doing is chasing away members but it turned on deaf ears.

I’m a fan of positive changes. But in the case of SN, i felt they moved too fast, and failed to consult the local community/members.

Though the admin keep saying its better, for the good of all, but it’s only from a biz perspective.

One critical thing they failed to take into consideration is how to maintain the local community and members, and engagement before big change.

They forgot that what makes a good forum is the members retention. My guess is less xp members will be posting there liao.

I hope one day, we can revive xp forum to a good extent and retaining our local community and culture.

It’s just a matter of time. Nothing last forever. But hey, XP had a great run for nearly 2 decades. For a small AV community in Singapore, I guess we achieve something far greater at the end of the day. Looking back, XP will forever be in my memory that allowed me to share my HT journey with fellow enthusiasts.

Life goes on……look forward.

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I have just deleted my account there, not exactly due to the merge but more from a comment made by Marc that, as per my interpretation, "one can delete one’s account if one dont feel that he she do not belong "…in respond to some comments from ex-xp members regarding the merge.

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cant even log in there with my password… bloody waste of time!!!

In an SN post I have said my bit…and I quote

"I’ve lost all my feedback (over 9 years of posting in XPL) and never had interest in a regional global forum never mind the chaos of a global one.

XPL was by Singaporeans for Singapore and fortunately we have other local users who are fulfilling this need now. And in this regard you will likely see very little of the really active XPL users back here - IMHO.

Goodbye to you all in the rest of the world as I dont have time to in my life to contribute in a global platform.

Good luck @Marc … wish you all great times ahead but I doubt ill be dropping in here much now, so have fun guys - too much flashy advertising and visual distractions now that detracts greatly from the content.

A Kiwi who is homed in Singapore.

Wiz Out."

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I’m disappointed by their arrogance.

I think his message just shows how highly they think about themselves n how much they value regular members who gives regular contributions.

I hope more xp members can post in that thread to send a strong message to them. Esp if we intend to exit the SN forum, give them a 1x good feedback.

I hope that many members will move here or to HiFive forum.

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Pls do help to spread the words around…

Why bro?
Just like a rejection from a gal, only we feel the angst, the other side doesn’t… if we can let it go, and move on we will feel better.
We are always guests, we don’t own it, and life goes on.
I don’t live w/in a forum, and I’m in it to make friends / learn - there are too many sales posts in recent times on XP/ SNA etc so it’s less about sharing anyway.
I’ve moved onto to make friends and I’ve also enjoyed my time in other forums.
As they say in Frozen :
“let it go”… cheers

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There is also HiFi Cafe - Index that could do with some more traffic and this was setup quite sometime ago now. Help keep the local forums alive.

Seems the SN thread is now closed on XP…I’m done there.


already let go :slight_smile: But in this case, it’s not a matter of whether we are letting go anot. I’m already in other forums, life goes on as u said.

But, I believe, in such situation, if something is not right/ affected the original local XP community in a strong way / people going back on their words, we have to stand up for it and let the feedback be known, in a constructive way. Angry/ flaming posts / personal attacks won’t help. But sincere feedback, if many members post together, will definitely have an impact.

Even if they don’t listen, the feedback gets registered strongly and officially, and other members can see the heart behind it.

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I am relatively new to the HT hobby compare to all the sifu here. I have to admit that I spent quite a bit of time surfing and reading postings from Xtremeplace previously. Now, I don’t even log into Stereonet once a week.

Starting from scratch after all these years where tons of info ranging from personal reviews, tips, tricks and tutorials and even workshops etc in XP is something that will be hard to rebuild. It is now all lost in layers and layers of threads in Stereonet.

From time to time, I will still dig up the threads I have created especially those tutorials and reviews over there and post the link here. It not feasible for me to migrate all my stuff over to this “new” forum. To date, we barely hitting 76 members. Whatever the case, we should look forward from here on. No point harping on what’s already past.

This will be extremely useful. The content belongs to you anyway. :slight_smile:

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I too have let go. After all, I’m sure our posts have collectively helped the community in many ways and that’s the positive I see from this legacy.

I will not de-register myself from SN. I see my posts in SN as my branding and marketing of Jag in this and other future forums I will participate in. Deleting past threads is a futile exercise.

Although the community has fragmented into smaller forums, but let’s keep this hobby going.


SN - hardly see any posts by Sg members. Even classified ad posts are dropping in the Sg section.

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I just have a bit more time recent days and looking at the current SN .

The forum posting is now mixed from local and the westerners , some things it does not apply to their country . Also true less posting from local .

For me i have started a facebook account just to do picture posting of local set up .

I hope we can continue the local forum strong and get more new guys and old together .

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