XP Demo Disc...a decade of journey

Today I have some time to do some spring cleaning and look what I found…

The very first volume I have created back then was in a DVD format. This version was a special edition and was never released to the XP forum because of its disc size - a dual-layer at 8.5GB. Back in 2006, sharing and seeding a 8.5GB dual-layered DVD was a challenge. Come to think of it, I have created a total of 8 demo disc until 2016. Exactly a decade…how time flies.

Feeling a little nostalgic, I’ve decided to pop in the disc into my Oppo bluray player and what a wonderful walk down the memory lane. I still recalled it took me about a month to select and author it into a DVD format. Back then, compiling took a long time…

wOW …Nice should not throw away .

Haha. Definitely keeping it. Still able to play with no dvd rot after all these years. Now that’s a surprise.

Thank you for doing it.
It remains one of my favorite and I still have it.
I play Rules Of Engagement every now and then.
Kudos to Siriusly Cold for copying it for me, and sending it to me.
For years after, even when he went abroad, I’ve tried to keep in touch with him and meet up.
Nostalgia +++

He emigrated?

He went back to KL.

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I see. Thanks for the info.

I’m FB friends with Siriuslycold (Feisal Kamil). He’s very active there, posting almost everyday.
Doing very well, with a super-smart child and happy family. :grin:

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Glad to know. Is he still playing Hi fi and home theater?

Don’t think so. He don’t ever post anything about HiFi/HT anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. It will come a day when we will give up our HT and Hi-Fi music hobby. Bro Jag is one good example. The best way to get out of this hobby is to disassociate yourself from AV forums. See no evil, hear no evil. :laughing:

That is a good one .

Friendships do endure, and for closer friends the exchanges do go on, in WhatsApp and even telegram…
Different means, but it stays friendly and the hobby continues :+1:
Hope we get to meet again in the not too distant future


Well said.

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