XGMI Horizon Ultra 4K (LED+Laser light source) w/Dolby Vision

This is a new long throw projector from the Chinese. Seems pretty good. The colours are more accurate compared to most UST projectors. As this is a long throw projector, you need a longer throw distance to cast a bigger image. E.g. 100" at around 2.68m. Hence this is not suitable for those with limited space.

Retail only at $2.5K+ Very good value imo.

The Chinese tech companies are getting better each day. Same goes for their foldable phones.

A rather bold statement from this reviewer who claims this XGMI projector can replace a JVC flagship.

One thing I do agree with the reviewer, laser + LED light source (a hybrid) will get us the best of both worlds as laser provides that consistency and fast start-up and cool down while LED provides a much wider color gamut than relying on laser to illuminate the color wheels. Both have about the same life span of > 10,000hrs. If Dolby awards a Dolby Vision badge to this projector, I will expect the next iteration of JVC or Sony to adopt this hybrid approach. We shall see…


…if the price of the AWOL 3500 can beat the high end EPSON…

…typical folks surely can claim that JVC can be beaten by cheaper marques.

For all UST projectors, I won’t buy into all the marketing gimmicks of having 104% of P3-DCI colors and Dolby Vision etc…but for a true long-throw or short-throw projector, I will pay more attention.