WTS:::: Denon X8500 AVC

Denon X8500 …bought in March 2021,all accessories,5 months warranty,in mint condition. Selling bcos moving to separates.
Price $3500. Please contact 91462642.

What separates u going for?

Thinking of Marantz 7706…

Why not try the new Onkyo AVR with Dirac for a change? This is something different from Audyssey. Personally, I think Denon X8500H is still the better one compared to the Marantz imho.

Is it available in Singapore?

Onkyo…would be good…but still no news.

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Glad you will consider Onkyo with Dirac if it becomes available. I wonder who is the current distributor here in Singapore for Onkyo? Lenbrook still?

You may also want to consider Anthem for a change. Keep your options open if I were you. Take this opportunity to try something different this time.

Anthem AVM 70…3—4 months lead time…special price now,pondering now.

Saw your ad listing in Carousell…any luck with the sale? I’ve sold mine for $3K but mine was about 1.5 yrs old. I think $3.2K will be reasonable for yours. Just my 2 cents.

Yes…had a few ridiculous offers.
Denon is now on preamp mode…XPA 5, just added BasX 4 for Atmos…5.1 4…sound is another level up.
Contemplating now…might just keep it…let’s see…Cheers

Yes, if you are unable to sell it at around $3K or above…it is not worth selling at all. Might as well keep it.