Wonder Woman 84

Just caught this latest Wonder Woman sequel at Yishun GV this afternoon…Well, now I know how Steve Trevor comes back…and hint (not what you expect). Good chemistry between Gal Gadot portraying the titular character and Kristen Wiig as the “Cheetah”…The storyline is ok but the 3rd act didn’t finish out strong. Such a waste.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Oh no… was really looking forward to this one, and top gun 2

Don't fret lar...it is still an enjoyable sequel. To summarize it succinctly. The 1st act has a good pace but 2nd act is a bit draggy. Its the 3rd act really fall flat for me. Compared to the first movie, there is more character development, I think Patty Jenkins spent too much time on Maxwell Lord but it did pay off in the 3rd act…but then again, this should be a Diana Price aka Wonder Woman movie but I can’t help that Maxwell Lord and even Kristin Wigg’s character seems to take centre stage here.

The pirated version of this movie will be out in a couple of days after HBO Max screening…

Just finished WW84 at Discovery Centre Singapore cinema.

I have to agree with your review , so so only the movie. Preferred the 1st

Going to watch on Monday at IMAX Jewel. Hope it isn’t so bad.

Boring movie

Don’t worry like I mentioned in my earlier post. It is still an entertaining watch. You will still enjoy it. It’s always a challenge to exceed expectations when the first one is that good. But overall I think Patty Jenkins did an admirable job.

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Sorry, I would give this a 2 out of 5 rating…went downhill after the first act. It was too sentimental and the dialog cringeworthy. Story line was silly and ridiculous and it was also boring as a matter of fact…what a big disappointment for me…sigh!!

Fatman and Freaky were much better in terms of entertainment value!

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i give a rating of “1.5” out of “5”…really a waste of studio money n resources…only when the (Cameo Appearance) of the original WW “Lynda Carter” appeared during the end credits then it made it worthwhile to stay and watch right to the end. so the end credits made the show worth it to stay on till the end. Hahahahaha!!! the movie suck’s big time…

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You guys know Straits Times gave this a perfect score right, 5 stars

It was not that bad, I thought. My family also thought it was “not bad”, although not as good as the first one. Yeah, maybe they could have done better with the story.

The CGI team didn’t do great for a big budget movie like this.

On the contrary, I thought the CGI is much better compared to the first one.

That’s very generous. IMO it’s not really that good but it definitely not below 3 stars.

What is this John Lui film reviewer talking?! First, he gave the movie a "perfect score" of 5/5 star and then he prefaced by saying, “it is NOT A PERFECT movie…” and that the story line is great etc…OMG! Incoherent talk…

that’s why it’s so fondly called “Shit Times” hehehehe!!!

A bit off topid…

With this thread, i realised i have not watch the first though it is sitting in the drive. Watched it last night.

There is a scene when the factory explode when the lead guy flew off and it is from left to right. Super enjoy the effect to hear the explosion from left to right. Setup is a 7.2.4

I replay the scene in my living room setuo where there is only a pair of surrounds which is located on back wall in a 5.1.4 setup. The effect is not pronounced…

The advantages of a 90 degree surround positioning?


AUD35 to buy ! Digital copy :man_facepalming:

Not worth , so expensive in Australia

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