I’ve been getting this prompt on my PC to have a free upgrade to Win11 but have been putting it off as I’m worried that it will have issues with REW and CALMAN HOME.

Those who are using REW and/or CALMAN HOME, do u face any issues after upgrading to Win11 from Win10?

Thx in adv

No issue here for REW. Can’t speak about Calman though. Windows 11 is quite stable AFAIK.

ya, i have been wanting to know as well. I didnt upgrade my personal laptop for this reason. updated the rest of the PC and laptops at home to windows 11.

But rew v 20.3 is very stable. works well with windows 10.

i had some noise issues during measurements, but one point to note is to set the maximum buffer size in preference → asio control panel to 2048 for both (AMD in my laptop and UMIK)

That worked like a charm, all noise issues gone

Probably not relevant but MadVR+Videoprcessor are supposedly much more stable in Win10 depending on your hardware. Intel AMD etc. So, I’m not upgrading my MadVR rig.

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Same, I’m still on windows 10, don’t see the need to jump to 11. I don’t find any benefits but sometimes it can be a headache to find matching drivers for old hardware