Will Smith slapping Chris Rock...ugliest moment in Oscar

Why Will!!! There are so many ways to voice your unhappiness and you chose to resort to violence?! Right in front of millions of viewers worldwide? I say it will do wonders for your career from here on. I guess that’s what many called the Oscar “curse”…But you took it to a whole new level. I felt bad for Chris Rock and what’s even worse is the impact that it will have on the black community in the States.

Totally wrong action by Will… he really think he is the King…

So, now people who tell jokes that might offend someone - those guys can come up and slap them. :scream:

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Agreed very bad. Because of his act, it also brought shame to the William sisters and the legacy of their father. Imagine this is the person portraying their father? What a shame.

Shocking. Really lost his head.

Totally overreacted

Will Smith took to social media and apologized to Chris Rock for his brash behavior.

Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for slapping him at the Oscars (cnbc.com)

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