Wi-Fi 7 coming soon...2023/2024

Just look at the theoretical max rate of 46Gbps!!! Unbelievable…

" - “Wi-Fi 7 focuses on physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) improvements capable of supporting a maximum throughput of at least 30 Gbps to increase performance, enable Wi-Fi innovations, and expand use cases. Additional Wi-Fi 7 enhancements will support reduced latency and jitter for time sensitive networking applications including AR/VR, 4K and 8K video streaming, automotive, cloud computing, gaming and video applications,” the Wi-Fi Alliance said."

Source: WiFi 7 will support up to 40 Gbps, offer improved cloud gaming and 8K streaming - FlatpanelsHD

Brain getting fried faster in stealthy manner lol

Just bought a Wifi 6 capable mesh router and here is Wifi 7 :laughing:

These days technology gets obsolete very fast. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy series and iPhones. WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is plenty fast to last you till WiFi 7. No worries.

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