Who here carry 2 phones? and why? [Poll added]

  • Yes, I carry two phones
  • No, just one phone to rule it all
  • No, I carry more than 2 phones!
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Just curious for those who carry more than one phone, what’s the reason(s)? Apart from work. In the same vein, for those using 2 separate phones with 2 different cell numbers, why not just use a dual-SIM phone with 2 SIM cards instead? Wanna hear your thoughts…

I carry only 1 phone. I try to be careful about what I install and download. Also have an anti-malware app installed.

However, a friend of mine carries 2 phones.
He told me - one for all the “main” stuff like banking apps, govt apps, etc.

Another phone with a different account - this one he never install important things, only stuff like games, facebook, whatsapp, etc.

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Careful indeed

That’s a good move by your friend. I used to do that until one fine day, I forgot to bring the other phone that have all my banking apps. I am unable to pay any form of payment when outside. I realised I have rely too much on e-payments these days that I can’t afford not to have my banking apps in my phone when I’m outside.

I will always have 2 phones, one for iOS and the other on an Android platform these days as some apps tends to work better on one platform than the other.

I have two phones for only one reason - so I can whack Pokémon gyms easily. My acct on one phone and the missus’s on another phone :rofl:

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