Where to repair Oppo BDP remote's battery metal contacts?

My godpa’s oppo bd player’s remote too long never use. The battery “corroded” and it totally destroyed 2 of the metal spring contacts in the battery department until the 2 metals springs are totally gone (melted/turned into powder).

Is there any shop/person I can bring this to repair/ replace the metal contact point of the battery compartment?

Thankful for any help. Hope dont have to buy a new remote.

Think you should be able to buy a replacement on Shoppee or Aliexpress for $10-20

Clean the metal contacts with a cotton bud soaked with white vinegar. Let it sit for a minute or 2.
Then wipe it clean with a tissue paper.

Avoid touching with your fingers due to the battery acid.

Put back the batteries and see if it works.

Good luck.


Contact Vincent …remote repairs
90708429…located in Tampines.


I used to have this issue with battery leaks. What I did was to clean the contacts with contact cleaner. Spray a generous amount around the contact areas and even on the PCB board if you are able to open the back of the remote. It worked for me after that.

Thanks. Cant do that. The 2 metal springs totally disintegrated into powder/melted and nothing left.

Thanks sammy and vincent

That bad ah… :rofl:

Ya man… Shocking. He too long never use.

In the past, there is this oppo app called oppo media control on Google play store and probably on iOS store as well but it’s no longer available on Google store. As an alternative, you can get your godfather to search for oppo media control APK on APKPure or equivalent website to download and use it. It has exactly the same functions as a physical remote.

If u manage to salvage the remote, it might be worth considering the use of “Rechargeable Batteries “ like Eneloop moving forward. Don’t have this battery leak issues