Where is Safi? The Casual Cinephile?

It is strange to see that Safi’s YouTube channel has gone. He posted a teaser video in January to promise more. madVR HTPC content. His guide was instrumental in my HTPC MadVR build, with further videos re negotiating Nolan’s aspect changes in MadVR. I hope his channel returns. He was a great YouTuber and all round nice guy!


I just looked on youtube as well. I hope everything is alright.

I have his personal e-mail (Gmail account), I had a few exchange with him when he began his channel wich I like a lot. Many missed his videos too on a MadVR Facebook group. I reached for him 2 times in the last month but I got no reply. I just tried a 3rd time.

He’s still active on Letterboxd, he regularly log movies but there are no way to contact members on Letterboxd. Here’s his profile link Letterboxd profile

There’s a couple of his videos that I would like to watch again, they were great reference videos

Hi WildThing,

Thanks for the info. It’s good to know he is well and active on the Letterboxed App. I hope he will recommence his YouTube channel in the near future.

I don’t really get what happened, but following this post he blocked me on Letterboxd. Very strange. All previous communication I had with him was about how I like his videos and exchange about JVC projectors and MadVR. And I sent him emails to check if he was ok and to tell him that many people missed his channel

Hi WildThing,

That’s a shame. Maybe at this time, he just wants some privacy.

Not a subscriber to his channel…but weighing in as an average Joe. If someone decides to close his Youtube channel…this is a big tell-tale sign that he doesn’t want to do it anymore (at least for now, based on whatever info we could gather at this juncture). Why go and “actively” seek out the guy when all he wants is clearly to stay “offline” for now? Let’s give that guy some “personal” space that he wants.

My 2 cents…

Hi. My intention wasn’t to actively seek out Safi. It was of genuine concern. He single handedly inspired my HTPC VP/MadVR build and all of his replies to comments on his channel were always of a kind and supportive nature to his supporters/subscribers. I wish him well in all he does! Please remove the thread if you feel it is inappropriate.

If he had answer me (which he always had before), I would have advise hiim that put his content on Patreon to monetize it for user that are really serious. It’s just sad because he made really good content and I think that his susbcriber would have want to know why or being noticed before if they want to d/l some content before he shut if off. I won’t try to contact him anymore, but it was a really nice guy. I even had exchange with him about MadVR before he decided to build a MadVR PC.

There comes a day when all of us (home theater enthusiasts) will eventually give up our fave hobby at some point, perhaps due to personal commitment or just simply lose interest over time due to declining eye sight, hearing or both.

I’m sure he has his own reasons…I wish him all the best. Life goes on.