When a local "marque" take a big step into another market, instead of closest neighbouring country

…not only the volume shipped is high to push price low, after sales warranty got to be more attractive than local market to draw attentions from Aussies!

wah-lao-ehh, even with Aussie GST kicked in, SG PRICE IS STILL F’KIN EX!!!

should import from australia, a few containers of prism tv man!!!

i was like “KNN,WTF?!!” when i saw the price of this…

…fellow countrymen buyers are getting 10inch less!!!


AMDK vs SKSK- SingKie SuayKEE!

from HDR10+ certification site…

…here are our fellow boys’ offering to the market, with probably selected models for Australia.


official product page now opened! for view on specs only…

have a MEGA-Size “fire pit” in ur apartment this year towards X-mas, or a MEGA-Size Display of Lion Dance in ur home with these 3 MEGA-Sized TVs from PRISM+!
螢幕擷取畫面 (350)
螢幕擷取畫面 (352)
螢幕擷取畫面 (351-1)
with $5000 budget on hand, other marques will likely to be kicked off from ur shopping list, unless u’re a diehard brand fan!

here’s my 10mins impression with the 3 new models. where average of 3.5mins is spent to each sets.

without QLED layer in the panel, the color is vibrant enough to serve daily use purpose. greyish band from the edge of objects is visible, but not as prominent as the 100inch model. since this is a miniLED model, the area which is black in the background, truly stays un-lighted.
the panel is highly polished and reflective to light.

if u didn’t walk past HiSense booth comes to PRISM+ next, u would be attracted by the immense size, as well as the matt panel surface that don’t reflect ur image as much as the panels from both the miniLED and the OLED. the screen feels like ALR projection screen… hence, the “attractive” price.
on demo, PRISM+ keep looping on the domino fall clip that exposes the flaw of greyish banding at the edge of bright objects. such out of the box flaw can be corrected if one bothers to spend sometime to tweak on backlight, brightness as well as contrast.
picture quality will feel disappointing to some if they compare to HiSense 100U7K-pro on display. however, i’m not so concern on the “film like” softness, which in comparison to HiSense with QLED layer, that not only get a boost on color gamut, as well as fidelity.

what can i say about the OLED? black is black, lesser bloom, vibrant color… but it’s the polished screen that got my attention. as with the miniLED, the surface is polished. but surprisingly, not so reflective.
on demo, the PRISM+ 77AL is playing the TOPGUN 2 IMAX scene where the cat and mouse training scene is on loop. the out of box setting probably have the overscan function activated, that the black bar thickness looks much closer to those black bars from WS1.85:1 rather than thicker/slightly higher black bars with WS1.95:1.
one thing odd with this model though, in comparison to the 65inch and 55inch make, one of the HDMI input is located some distance away to middle of the side rather than together with the other 3 inputs.

with the launch of “Picture Frame” TV with matte surface panel from HiSense,
Skyworth’s also introduce theirs in CES2024, 4mths after SkyWorth launch theirs as Q7D series in China domestic market.


while China domestic market’s Q7D backlight is DLED, global market model’s series is under P6E, with SkyWorth badge and miniLED… brighter as well @ 6000nits!
as u can see from the attached picture, the “Picture Frame” Series starts from 65" all the way until 100".
螢幕擷取畫面 (384)
such specification could fall into the void between the QLED-DirectLED and QLED-miniLED range in PRISM+ catalogue as potential “transitional display”… …if they take into consideration that the Chinese OEM is far more price attractive than what Samsung can offer.

after some cross comparison on the specs, i noticed that the PRISM+ 100inch model is roughly 90% the same in specs to this model sold domestically in China…


recently… a miniLED specification update to this A5D range comes with a “PRO” ending in the model range reference.

in this A5D-pro miniLED range, comes with a 85inch option.

if PRISM+ choose this range as the 2024 replacement to the current miniLED range that consist of just 2 size of 65" and 75", i would put my bet for 33% chance that we may get to see a 85" miniLED bearing the PRISM+ badge this year.

there will be new replacement model this year on the miniLED range.

it’s interesting that this year’s model looses a tick in energy efficiency score, that would prompt interested buyers to speculate what kind of improvement or improvements can be expected in this new model.
could it be more miniLED diodes? or addition of drivers in the audio department?

only when a page is created in PRISM+ website, then we’ll know.