Whats the go with StarHub's new + service?

Anyone migrated to this new service/box? is it 4K or just 1080i still or maybe 1080P?

If Disney+ is on it now is the cost much the same as going via ATV and getting full 4K and Atmos etc?

I found this… but doesn’t really detail much about what Audio is supported or what channels / services will be 4K

They have offered me to renew my broadband contract and free Disney+ at $45.90 so it should be cheaper with the bundle deal than signing up Disney+ alone which will cost $11.98 per month. Only gripe is that the Starhub TV box may not support Atmos. Saw the specs and it stated Dolby Digital Plus Audio

Just been at StarHub and new box no 4K he said can just sign up D+ on sh app and get 6mth min contract with 2 months free and billed thru sh.

Also new box no recording option only 24 hour rewind max. So if you have other streaming devices like ccu or fire or atv then don’t change. If you recontract you must take the new box

I think it works outs the same, as other 24 month broadband contract plan is $40 or less for 1 GB.

MR e.g… 24 month broadband + 1 year D+
$39Ă—24 + $120 = $1056 = $44 per month.

If u sign up another year of D+ assuming remains at $120 per year, then

SH $46x24 + $120 = $1224 = $51 per month
MR $1056 + $120 = $1176 = $49 per month.

Make sense?..:grin:

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You are right. I missed out that the Disney + is for only for a year. Nevertheless, I did not renew my broadband contract so still paying $39.90 per month. Looking to upgrade to Wifi 6 but my Wifi 5 Orbi Mesh Router is pretty new so waiting…

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