What would you do different in the next setup?


Start a drink kopi chit chat topic. The saying goes smart men learn from their mistakes, wise men learn from other peoples’ mistakes.

I think everyone has some areas where we wished we had done something differently had we known back then what we know now. Good to share these nuggets.

Great topic for sharing. I bet many members here will have a lot to share. For me, I wish I could have go for a bigger screen size for my projector. It still can be done but I lazy to do it.

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Projector screen upgrade can yield improvements in PQ pop and contrast too hehe…

Size wise, good gauge is ~45deg viewing angle. There are a few calculators that I always use to check various screen sizes for viewing distance and angles.

Post here later…

This to get the Height and width for a given screen size.

Use this to calculate the viewing angle for a given screen size and viewing distance

75in TV getting more affordable these days, 2.1m viewing distance gets 42deg viewing angle. 2.1 m is a good viewing distance for a spare bedroom setup with full surround and atmos.

While its great to go as big as you can for the screen for projector…do take note that even for a laser projector of a typical home theater based lumens (around 2,000 to 2,500), it can still be a challenge to get good brightness level for great 4K HDR image.

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I should go direct to rack setup in the first place

Ahh, rack setup… This is an interesting one…

It seems to go against some of the traditional rules of hifi…

  • short interconnects, especially if XLR, long speaker wires… Ideally it is the opposite?
  • long parallel runs of wires bundled together - not so good for cabling run EMI?
  • how is vibration isolation and other typical hifi considerations for equipment rack?

Seems the main benefits is aesthetics and neatness… Tough trade off imo?

Shorter interconnects yes for me

Longer speaker cables yes… another 3 to 5 meters on average

As far as I tried, it’s difficult to fully separate power cables from speaker cables especially direct back of the rack but I tried my best lol

Isolation feets, yes most of the gears are well isolated use rubber footers as much as possible

What’s being achieved, well…

  1. It’s neat, aesthetically pleasing for sure.
  2. Better sound imaging for stereo
  3. Visually less cluttering, especially the many cables that you can see at the back of TV console
  4. Less dusty :thinking: easily vacuum

Overall I will prefer rack anytime. Stereo wise more enjoyable to me now, at least it sounded better compared to having the gears in front.:sweat_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the details. I have been thinking about this and so far not considering the rack approach.

The benefits in stereo imaging - do you think this is due to a clearer front stage because most of the equipment is no longer stacked in front and middle?

Yes, getting good brightness for 4k HDR definitely a headache…

It seems that the main challenge to some extent is not really a question of sheer lumens, but actually tone mapping the HDR to the right APL and maintaining the peak highlights that makes HDR pop…

The reason I say this is because most PJ that struggle with a dim HDR can actually get more than enough brightness in SDR, can run low lamp mode etc…

Haven’t really dig too much into it, but do you know what is the difference between a HTPC running freeware MADVR vs the stand-alone MADVR Envy in terms of tone mapping capability? Is the HTPC just as powerful and capable?

Your understanding is spot-on for the DTM! FWIW, it is not so much about the lumens of the projector as it is about the “sustainability of the illumination source” - i.e. lamp based or laser-based is important to ensure a more “consistent and uniform” performance for your DTM to work properly. Hence for those who prefer to go into the projector realm, I will say go for laser-based ones just to ensure there is at least some consistency in performance.