What kind of bass fiend are you?

Just curious, what kind of bass head are you? And what’s the best description of your current setup? Is it:

  • Earth-shaking bass that I can literally feel in my bones
  • Mid-bass punch with a tactile feel
  • Bass that I can hear - i.e. higher SPL
  • A combination of part of all 3

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Frankly, it is not easy to achieve a good balance of all 3 but if you think you do, give a shout-out here so that members can learn the type of subwoofers you are using. Do touch on the methods of achieving it - e.g. your layout and any tweaks etc.

I think it really all boils down to room, MLP and the way the sub being placed.

I always educate my customer, no sub is bad sub. So long as the 3 criteria happen “天时地利人和”, good bass can be achieved.

As for room, it can be calculated. For sub placement is largely due to WAF. The best place may not be the most practical place due to high footfall.

Same goes to MLP, due to WAF and most practical seating arrangement.

If bachelor with own place to stay, can do whatever you want, but definitely a second thought if with family.

A few of us here has very understanding wife and we are glad about it. Others may experience limited options and it’s really not easy.

I recently had the chance to obtain a Definitive Tech sub DN12 (1 active and 2 passive radiator) to help run in for my customer as he is out of town, I like the sound of it honestly speaking. Somehow it has that kind of bass which I seriously think it can provide on top of what I have. But due to WAF, it’s either I stay with my current, or do away with my front 2 customs. Still deliberating should I go ahead.

Anyone mix passive radiator subs with ported before? Any views and comments pls?


Well said…

Is there such a model? Or is it Def Tech DN12? If I recall correctly, this particular model is only good up to +/-3dB at 25Hz and thereafter the output will decline. So you like that? The last I visited you, your subs I would describe more towards the deep and rumbling type. My JL Audio has much more similar traits to Def Tech DN subwoofer series as in it will not go low with a high output level like Rythmik but it will produce very clean, distortion-free bass which I adore. I agreed with what you said about the room size which translates to the room mode. You need to find a subwoofer that suits your “room mode”. It can be achieved with a little sleuth work using the Harman Room Mode Calculator. Getting gigantic subwoofer that can go down to a single digit probably not going to produce the type of bass “signature” for your room type/size.

Seems like more than half of the members here have a combination of all 3 bass traits and qualities of what I would say good bass. Can those who voted share with us what kind of subwoofers you are using? Do state the number of subwoofers you used and where you place it.

Yes it’s the DN12. Just corrected it. Thanks

Well maybe it’s something “fresh” and it’s interesting to hear.

Thinking of owning the DN15, however thinking if redoing the calibration is tiring as usual. Lol

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Yes, get 2 DN15 due to their low output. It will do great for music.

It depends on Subwoofer capabilities (spec) also.
Deep bass vs. Loud bass.

We do 15" Dayton RSS390HE-22 and 2 x 18" passive radiators RSS 460PR
How? :grin:

You can tune to any type of bass output? :grinning:

You don’t come stir me la hahaha. I already itchy haha.

When I design subwoofer I normally aim for the lowest possible bass extension for the chosen driver and cabinet size, and hopefully without chuffing for ported subwoofer.
Well I underestimated Wind’s SPL limit…lol… :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Thanks you for all the cabinets you do for me… serve me well and those cabinets redo and upgrade is good with maximum outputs :+1::innocent:


Super nice

That’s a subwoofer or bipole/dipole speakers?

Subwoofer, one active driver front and 2 passive drivers behind… done by Synthesis…

I see. Interesting enclosure design. How is the performance? What’s the overall output at the low end of the freq spectrum? Where you place them in your listening environment?

Above measurement taken direct about 0.5m away from UM-12-22 driver. Photo taken by Synthesis.

Above measurement taken direct about 0.5m away from passive driver. Photo taken by Synthesis.

Above is sub located at left real corner between 2 wall.
Raw measurement taken from MLP sub+c. Lowpass at 80hz 24 octave and high pass 20hz 24 octave.

Looks like the triax. Great work @synthesis :+1:

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That’s sone serious output between 20 & 50hz. I guess the boundary gain at the corner plays a part. Nice…

It should be good to cross from 20hz to 200hz too. Subsequently in total i have made 4 units.

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