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A knowledge-sharing discussion board for home theater enthusiasts. It is free! Maintain and run by a former Xtremeplace Moderator. Following the tradition and spirit of the old Xtremeplace forum that everyone came to know about it since its inception in 1999. It will not charge members a single cent to post, share, discuss, and mingle in the forum. I believed most have realized that in Oct 2020, Xtremeplace forum was ceded to an Aussie audiophile company. It took many members by surprise, myself included! Some members moved on after acknowledging the change in hands while some continue to stay on with the forum (now run by the new group).

The creation of this Discourse community forum hopes to bring back the good old folks of XP and continues to build on knowledge base sharing of home theatre, audio, gaming, tech, movies and music to our little “red-dot”.


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