Visiting member's place

After talking to bro @kennyluck2000, I think it is time for me to resume my tour to some of the member’s place to experience throw home theater setups and make new friends and catch up with old friends. When @kennyluck2000 told me he visited my place for the third time, I can’t recall it… getting old liao.

I will like to visit the following member place from now till end of the year:

  1. @kennyluck2000
  2. @rock123 (for his JTR captivator subwoofer)
  3. @Wind (Definitive Technology Descend Series subwoofers)
  4. @Jasonyeo (it has been such a long time, we are talking more than a decade since my last visit to Jason legendary lair)

Guys, drop me a DM or chat and let me know when you are avail. I’m usually free on Sat.


For sat, can only do evening say 6pm onwards if you don’t mind cos that’s the only “me” time.
Morning bowling training for my boy and noon church session for family.

Next sat 12 Aug if you don’t mind evening :smiling_face:

Any members interested can join too

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Sure thing…I’ll let you know again.

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my place is basically openhouse “Daily”
just whatsapp me.

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Thanks Cash. :slight_smile:


For those who wanted to listen and feel scary upper mid bass can visit bro kennyluck2000’s den .

Last I visited him is in his new house . His setup is nearfield so has a wide soundstage . However , his screen is close to his listening position so probably due to the reflection of screen , depth is not that deep to me . Maybe my eyes playing trick to my brain . :sweat_smile:

Mid to upper mid bass is scary , deep(pressure and air) is present but probably lack of layered(delayed) bass feel to me. I suspect the powerful upper mid masked the lower mid bass coz when he demoed the games’ soundtracks with only lower mid , I can sense the layered bass and increase of depth .

My guess is if he uses VR headset or those smart glasses to demo , it will be more impressive since our brain will auto adjust to the distance of screen visual .

Above is my impression during the last visit but not sure if he has changes anything now. :smiley:


Yes his place is pressurising. I always joke that if anyone needs an AED, his place is the right one to go. Or anyone with a heart pacer should not visit since the pressure will most likely messed up the pacer lol

Will be taking down my old house systems and shift some of the gear over… for the moment my new place still the same as last you visited.

Mine is a 5.1 setup. Nothing fancy… a simple setup to play my music, concerts and movies. :v:

Those who are interested in Stereo listening can PM me to have a listen too… come with an open mind and not too bother by my gear i use :v:

Last time there was one guy who pm me and ask what gear i pair with my speaker… the moment i told him my gear he write me off and told me how can i use ‘this’ to pair with my speaker…till today i still use such combination :sweat_smile::v:
i had visit quite a lot of members in the past and there is always something good in every setup. No one setup is perfect. You gain some you lose some. Want more bass you lost some details. Hope everyone can enjoy his own setup and not too bother about others comment :v:


Home setup is to feel and enjoy, not to see.

Last time my objective to visit is to find out what i missed in my setup, what i lost during changing gears n etc.
Most important, making new friends and catch up with old birds. :grin:


sounded to me like @ngsk and @kennyluck2000 will be very good pals. :joy:

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Yes, that’s the right attitude to adopt when visiting member place. Let us be real, there is no such thing as a “perfect” setup in a home setting. I always enjoy other member setup and hear from their experience. Those who visited my place will know I love to engage in conversation and exchange of ideas. That is what I look out for in every visit.




Sorry guys, I will be busy with work from now till mid Sept. Hence I will not be able to resume my weekend visits to member’s place until third week of Sept onwards. My thanks to many members here who had extended their invite to me during this period. I will definitely be visiting all the member’s places before end of the year. :smiley::pray: