Value Electronics Projector Shootout

Wasn’t suprised that JVC and Sony did well, but was surprised that the LG AU810 was pretty identical to the Epson LS12000 and beat it in SDR.

Value Electronics Projector Shootout

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[Youtube VE shootout]

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Thx for this. Looks like the JVC NP5 is one of the most VFM projector? Some of its scores was comparable/better than the PJs in the mid-price range category.

The groip also did a shootout on the UST protectors as well with LG emerging as top leader in the pack.

Yes. If you have a batcave, then this is the one to get. However, its not particularly cheap at USD7K. Although the LG scores lower, they used the system integrators version, the AU810, whereas I have the HU810 which is identical except for some minor differences. The NP5 is 400% more than what I paid for an open box unit.

The NP5 is also a bulb unit that is not particularly bright at 1900 lumens, whereas the Epson and LG are laser units. But if you get a JVC, you are probably paying for the deeper blacks and will have a batcave so you don’t need a lot of lumens. The NP5 is not suitable for an ambient light situation such as a living room and therefore, not for me. If I were to get a JVC, I would have to get the bright laser ones and they cost as much as a car without COE and ARF.


Here’s the writeup from projector central

VE Projector shootout

Guess the top has been replaced with formovie theater

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I concur; if there is any need to upgrade, the JVC NZ9 is a worthy upgrade … but the price….

IIRC Formovie or Fengmi (known in the Asia market) is a China based company under Xiaomi. So I’m quite surprised to see that China UST wins.