TWISTERS! ...yup, this time it's plural!

doubles on the effects!
doubles on the thrills!
and maybe… doubles on flying cows? u know… previously 2 cows fly around in cinemas’ 5.1 setups, this time round majority of theaters would be fitted with atmospheric channels… so, more cows needed?

however… one element still doesn’t improve, the storm chasers still competes with one another… duh~~~

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Why change the formula when the first one seems to work…LoL.

Looks like a direct scene by scene remake… yawn…
just hope the atmos sound is reference level given all the swirling objects

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i would expect this “probable remake” to be different. at least in one of the scene, the “Twisting Twins” this time round touches on the ground, that it should suck up more farming herds in different varieties to enhance the audio experience… compared to the old “Twist Twins” that touches on the water, picked up only 2 cows.

oooh yeah! will there be pigs fly above our head?

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Wait…is this a reboot of the original Twister or another spin on the franchise? With that “Dorothy” flying drones opening its top cover and that rivalry between 2 groups of storm chasers, it does seem to me like it is a remake of Jan De Bont’s Twister except with a “s” to differentiate itself from the 1996 original.

Another remake…I can’t help but starting to believe Hollywood is running out of fresh new original ideas.

currently we can’t really tell if this is a remake or reboot.

reactions from folks who looked on the trailer will tend to go “aiyo… not another remake”. the trailer is probably cut and joined in such way to draw some reactions…
as i had pointed out the common thing between the 2, the scientist competition and rivalry? for the sake of what? corporate investment rules or government authorities rules?

anyway… we’ll have to wait for trailer 2 to get some clearer ideas… since the film is, scheduled to be release in Summer.

the first few reactions from test screening…

latest 2nd trailer!

let u feel the force of the storm for 3mins!

the alternate cut from WARNER International…

…that shows a scene where a cinema is hit by the Twister. hmmm… what’s the show on the screen? in TWISTER, it was SHINING, in TWISTERS… Dr. SLEEP?