TV/Screen Height on recliner

Assuming that you recline like 60 degrees and the neck is straight, you will be looking at 30 degrees above your horizontal eyesight. Do you mount your TV/Screen higher or even tilt down?

This is my personal opinion…

Avoid mounting too high, otherwise the visual center of the screen, and center speaker (dialog) audio misalignment gets bigger. Unless of course, some sort of dialog lift is configured.

My recommendation would be the bottom of the screen is set just above the equipment stack (or the plane where the eye is at — relative to the floor).

If the recliner causes the line of sight to be above the centre of the screen, a head cushion can help to realign. I did it this way when I changed my leather recliner chair to the Ikea Poang chair, the Ikea chair reclines more than my previous chair, I added a small head pillow to realign the head/eye line of sight.

If you’re wonder why I am using the cheap Ikea Poang chair? It’s comfy and most importantly, allows me to screw on the bass shaker directly on the chair for maximum impact (without worrying about the damage it may cause to the chair).

I am using AT screen.

Prefer neck to be straight. I got neck issue before

If you can mount it this way, then It’s good

Don’t have to worry about tilting head upwards, plus there’s added benefit of a de-cluttered front stage, that can be extremely good for imaging

I wanted to do it this way initially at my place, and move all the equipment to the balcony on the right.

But too bad the balcony area is play area for the kids, and it was a strict no no from the Mrs. So I had to scrap the idea

If you can do it, go for it. Very good, especially when watching imax type of content, damn immersive

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Great, with the AT screen, you have flexibility to place the center speaker at the middle of the screen.

In general, my preference is for my eye line-of-sight to point to the middle of the screen when comfortably seated. My eyeball can follow the action and yet no need to move my head. That’s just me…

I suppose in your case, you might want to align the screen such that your eye is looking near the middle of the screen when reclined comfortably.

Maybe others can also chime in with their arrangement.

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I was using the Poang when my HT room is in a small den. Loved it. Height just nice then. Same as you, target eye level to centre of screen. But has knee issue, with the low height if Poang and the angle of the seat, have trouble getting up.

Now using sofa, but missing the Poang. The leather version is less prone to sagging

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Currently re-modeling my HT room. Now, I have to watch movie in a reclined position as the screen mounted a higher, due to aesthetics in order to be in the centre of the wall gap.

But I found it is more comfortable to watch movie in a less reclined position. Thus will be lowering the screen during the remodel.

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Perhaps I will just hang it from the ceiling slab, with pully wheel and counter weight, experiment and adjust till a level that I feel comfortable.

Also have to consider for 2nd row line of sight.

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In a cinema setting the seating is always raked and the screen while of cousre is much bigger the best seats are where the head is centre of L&R and Top and Bottom of the screen.

If sitting upright, the head and the line of sight of the eye will be the same.
But if reclined, the head is lower but the eye is actually looking up if the neck remains straight. That is what I am struggling with now.

how much you recline is a matter of choice but ideally you probably want your head as vertical as possible as your screen is unlikely to be other than vertical too.

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lol… I was about to ask whether I should consider to tilt the screen and the projector.

maybe go and see a few gold class movies and see the chair recline and how the image looks on the screen and how you feel most comfortable with your heap position…same goes for the family members too - dont forget them :wink:

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