TV pricing vs buyers? budget. How should we determine a TV CP value?

certainly… in most consumers? mind and thoughts?
fresh, big, juicy and lastly economical? makes a product buyable. but how?

we have to look closely into base price base on technical specs. certainly, nicheness plays a part of affecting the product price… and we can?t expect every thing to be very disposable.

let me go by few key points. lastly depending on the brand producer and it?s reputation in after sales, you’ll be able to determine whether it?s a good buy.

  1. Screen Size.
    we had take a long time to travelled such a long distance today where a big screen TV can be more affordable when compared to CRT 16:9 TV in the past. a 75inch panel is much easy and economical to produce today when compared to 10yrs ago where demand was low. hence, is it justifiable if we judge a TV by it’s price base on resolution type, where 2K FHD should be $1/inch, 4K UHD @ $2/inch, 8K @ $4/inch etc…

  2. Backlight technology.
    in comparison to 10yrs ago, TVs are less bulky and slimmer today due to more frequent use of LED that demands lesser space when compared to light tube backlight. the development of OLED makes TV more slimmer because of the difference in technology. however, OLED have it?s flaws as with plasma technology, screen burn is more common when compared to LED backlight TVs.
    we?re now reaching into the next stage of lighting technology where miniLED is now the next best thing after FALD backlight and microLED touted as the next best above OLED, due to lesser chance prone to screen burn, and more energy saving. those claims on the microLED TVs are still yet to be proven, as commercial availability driving commonality is still low.
    so how are we going to determine the base price of TVs base on technology?
    after some thoughts, how about:
    $10/inch for the now considerably old LED backlight technology?
    $15/inch for miniLED
    $20/inch for OLED
    if proven to be the best above OLED, $25/inch for microLED?

so with 2 base price for the criteria above… let’s use 65inch TV as example,
a 4K UHD typical LED TV would be $1300(65210) without warranty and other stuffs such as complete OS and proprietary CPU/GPU processor.
a 4K UHD miniLED TV would be $1625(65215) without warranty as with above mentioned features.
a 4K UHD OLED TV would be $2600(65220) without warranty as with above mentioned features.

so… do y’all agree with my view above?
feel free to debate.

we cannot just look at how the TVs with similar specs are sold overseas with competitive price tag while we moan and cry how the manufacturers are juicing our monies to feed their loses in other markets.
hence, we have to come out with some assessment and determining of base value base on specs as well as other factors.
initially i would wanted to put Warranty as 3rd key point of consideration. however, due to different companies providing different package base on their policies and not so unified… I’ll leave that as buyers individual judgment on how the extra charges should be worth…

Warranty adds cost.
Type of System adds cost.
OS is another cost.

…all that add up you should have a slight idea where does the addition of $?K goes to… and that should applies to the latest model.
for example,
a webOS 75" FALD Aiwa is now on sales @ $1.2K w/3yrs partial warranty. would you have high expectations from the system?

I just realize that the above mentioned “assessment/price-marking” only applies to 4K TVs which are mainstream. With 8K display competitors creeping in from China(although so far, it’s only TCL), i think sooner or later, the fight will be tough and the Koreans will loose to game.

A glance on the local market offer, the current competition falls on the 70inch SHARP vs 75inch TCL.
Since the resolution is 8K, double that of 4K, multiple by 2x shouldn’t be debatable, right?

70x2x2x10= 2800 for the SHARP
75x2x2**x15***= 4500 for the TCL
(*:4K, **:2x of resolution, ***:typical FALD backlight, ****:miniLED backlight)

one thing to take note of, the above references are just base on the basic key components with non-manufacturer specific “Proprietary PROCESSOR”.
So… on surface, SHARP had delivered it’s value. @ current offer of $2900 for their 70inch 8K TV, the $100 falls on their processor. Is that a big saving?
How about TCL? @ current offer of $3800, $700 savings may not get you a well recognized image processor, but isn’t that substantially 7x better than $100?

Anyway… what’s worthy, it’s going to be your choice.

in view of upcoming GST raise, and maturity of technology and competition from China, maybe it’s time we set a new benchmark reference for yr2023?

again, let’s use mainstream 65inch UHD TV as example and $2.50 drop on each backlight/lighting technology,
a 4K UHD typical LED TV would be $975(6527.5) without warranty and other stuffs such as complete OS and proprietary CPU/GPU processor.
a 4K UHD miniLED TV would be $1625(65212.5) without warranty as with above mentioned features.
a 4K UHD OLED TV would be $2275(65217.5) without warranty as with above mentioned features…

is the above assessment legit? you decide…

we’re often puzzled by how come a same model of TV can be priced so low when compared to other markets, especially the West, particularly America?
one thing i observed is that we don’t put much focus into hidden details behind their pricing… the warranty and shipping costs from place of origin.

anyway… for reference, i’ll use my TV, the HiSense 75E7H with free delivery, to compare with the market lowest make we can find, Aiwa 75inch webOS TV with delivery charge applies. both TVs do not come with QLED, but with standard 3yrs coverage that could be different.
HiSense gives full.
while AIWA gives partial, panel only covers for a year.
my 75E7H is priced @ $1600(USD$1143), while the Konka rebadged Aiwa is $1450(USD$1036).
*base on current X-rate of SGD$1.40 : USD$1.00

for $150 difference i get DELSEC- Dolby Entry Level Sensory Experience Configuration with DV and Virtual Atmos 2.0 as well as Google TV OS.

[CENTER]this is the latest addition/updated release from TCL.
螢幕擷取畫面 (181)

@ first glance, some might say that “err… Yang… this is much more ex than what u suggested to expect how a “perfect” price should be”.
i wouldn’t deny the new number is “very prominently” high on the eyes… but if u had noticed, what i had suggested, were “base price” that don’t come in with addition of warranty protection that would last for 3yrs, or hardware advancements like VRR120hz and above, DELSET, as well as other feature enhancements as some of these are not easy to determine it’s worth.[/CENTER]

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as we’re in the 3rd quarter of 2023, going towards the last quarter of the year where public transport cost is confirmed going up… i guess it’s time we should look into how do we judge a basic price of a product base on it’s specs rather than brand reputation that’s considerably optional?

when we talk of basic, we look at the cost in terms of size, resolution, as well as backlighting technology. here is what i see that would determine the basic price of a TV:-

  1. $10/inch DLED/ELLED- direct LED or edge light LED
  2. $12.5/inch QDLED/QLED- quantum dot direct LED
  3. $15/inch miniLED
  4. $17.5/inch QD-miniLED- quantum miniLED
  5. $20/inch OLED
  6. $22.5/inch QDOLED

@4K, that would stay @$2/inch while @8K,$4/inch

is such assessment without factoring in warranty package cost, system cost, as well as OS cost and not to forget marketing cost legit? share ur thoughts, all comments welcomed.

i won’t share which site i got this screen cap from…
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…to avoid “panic”/“excite” buy as this model is a 2021 product.
the price seems to hit some of the criteria i had pointed out with benefits of 3yrs coverage and mid-premium hardware.

however, i would suggest that miniLED buyers to go look around for other makers offerings to determine if their price is competitive enough for u to pull out ur card for transaction.
there could be better deals out there.

here are 2 new models from HiSense that are priced “Value For Money” in reference to my “formula” above, to those who’re seeking to upgrade from their TVs that are sized lower than 75inches.
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if one can accept other operating system, can save $100 and enjoy 3yrs complete warranty, in comparison to other cheaper options in the market.

strictly on specs, the 2 HiSense models cannot beat local boy rebadged OEM made by SkyWorth.

…which comes with QLED layer, as well as 3yrs complete warranty and the OS that is popularly welcomed. for better deals, buy from their website with their discount code applied.

how about the “once ever popular” attention grabber, XiaoMI?
what can they offer?

they had certainly brought the price of their 86incher down to $2k level,
so as their 75incher to $1.6K level… but the latter only thru their appointed resellers.
the 75inch model is one with Google OS and QLED layer that’s able to compete with what PRISM+ can offer. however, XiaoMI’s model is a 2021 model, with no sight of any new replacement.

being one of the mainstream marque in the market, SAMSUNG takes the initiative to slash their MEGA-size entry model down to $1.4K!
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…which is a heat coming close to burn the current lowest priced MEGA-size entry model in the market from AiWa, where it’s $1.15K price tag comes with one year warranty that covers the panel, 2yrs on labor and other parts.

Samsung gives full total 3yrs coverage, if buyer acts fast enough to register online.

the last part… is a worrying trend that other mainstream marques will/might follow. if a buyer didn’t/forgets to do the necessary step to further enhance the protection on their high priced purchase.

when the first few Chinese marque to make penetration into local conservative TV buyers market have too much stockhold on hand have to find a way to clear their stocks…

…beside the typical partners, they have to step into the field where there are more caterpillars than those few trees.

in addition to the 65" above, 55" is sold attractively $1 under 500. that makes a great gift to seniors who doesn’t need Giant screens for typical home use!

the odd flow with TV pricing…


the choice is very clear…
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…when a 2yrs old model beats the other which is 1yr “younger and fresh” with 2inch in bigger diagonal size and different display technology, together with a top-end soundbar thrown in!

the price of SHARP TV had fallen!
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…or is it so? a click bait? or something else?

this model was supposedly to be launch somewhere in July’23 as a replacement to 2022 model, but was delayed in sending to NEA and CPSA for assessment.
Malaysia had been selling this new model somewhere in November, today when u look into Malaysia Electrical Mega-Store online price, this model had come to a point priced to compete with HiSense E7 range, where it falls to about SGD$1.5k zone.
Courts SG targets to sell @ $1.7k with 3yr manufacturer complete warranty, but still “close” for online public sales.
this makes me wonder, what is holding them back? shipment not in? or SHARP putting a plug on the flow of sales?

if it’s latter… SHARP better to be prepare to lose like PHILIPS for good!

aiyo~~~ if SHARP’s TV Product Warranty had shrunk to such level…
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…might as well we look into other makes that are competitive in specs available in the market.

prices for PHILIPS 2024 entry level “Giant Displays” are out…
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…to grab attentions from budget hunters who may had been drawn to what Aiwa, HiSense and TCL may offer!

to clear stockhold making way for 2024 models, heavy price cut have to be applied to last years make, low enough to beat competitive 3rd tier marques like what Aiwa can offer…

…grabbing attentions from Entry Level Buyers.

yeah… HiSense TVs can now be ordered from FairPrice sales platform, but you’ve no chance to see models on demo in any branches.