Trinnov demo trailers

Check out these demo trailers in atmos n auro3d

How do I get Auro3D to work? Every time I play the trailers, avr goes to dts-hd+neural upmix. Have to manually go to sound mode to choose movie/music den auro3d, instead of auto trigger like atmos. I usually leave sound mode as pure auto. Also in auro3d, it doesn’t sound as impactful as atmos

What is your AVR?

Denon 3800

X3800H have Auro 3D decoding capability. I think you need to reconfigure your speaker layout. Its been awhile since I play with a Denon. Hence I am recalling based on my memory. I recalled you need to set a certain speaker layout, particularly the heights speakers to trigger the Auro 3D flag. Play around with the spk layout settings in your AVR and see if it works.

you’re referring to…

…what’s mentioned from 1:30 onwards?

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Mine is 5.1.4 with heights channels which is auro3d compatible and I can play it but just won’t auto trigger, need to go to different sound mode n manually select auro3d

I see. In that case, I am not sure. Hope somebody here can help.