(topic updated) How to connect shaker if using earc audio path with HT headphones for streaming content?

Bros, Need advice on headphones.

Currently I have the Sony hw700ds surround headphones for HT use for late night watching.

Updated: initial issue solved. Now need help to enable shakers to work on earc path for watching streaming content from TV (eg Disney plus / Netflix). See subsequent post here:

The Sony hw700ds does not support e-arc, hence it does not support the audio from streaming movies played from the tv apps e.g. Disney+, Netflix, to be transmitted from TV earc hdmi port to the Sony hw700ds headphones console’s hdmi input port.

Qn (resolved): is there a way to overcome this (eg adding a hdmi earc device in between) to get the Sony hw700ds to receive the earc signal from my TV via hdmi?

Thanks so much in adv.

Sorry for the late reply. I have used this to extract e-arc and pass it along as HDMI, but as you know HDMI compatibility can be hit or miss

e-ARC to HDMI audio extractor

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Thx Sammy!

I’ve just ordered this one yestd to try out:

Hope it will work. As u said, hdmi connectivity sometimes is hit or miss…

Update. Earc audio extractor arrived.

It is able to extract earc audio from my LG oled TV (earc capable) to the Sony hw700ds headphones console (not earc capable).

Thx Sammy for the inputs

But a new problem I have now is, with this method to play streaming content from my TV using headphones, my shakers can’t be used/ enabled! :confused:

When I watch movie content from my hdd via headphones, how I overcome this is i play the hdd movie via the oppo 203, which has a rca sub output. This oppo 203’s rca sub output is connected to my shaker’s amp, which powers the shakers.

Is there a way I can connect my audio routing to get my shakers to work with my headphones console when watching TV streaming content via earc audio output path?

Will it work if I connect the earc hdmi output signal from tv into my oppo 203 hdmi input? :thinking:

TV hdmi e-arc output >> e-arc extractor device hdmi input >> e-arc extractor device hdmi audio output >> oppo 203 hdmi input

Then from oppo 203 player:

  1. oppo hdmi out (audio only) >> Sony HT headphone hdmi input (for sound to be on headphones)
  2. oppo rca sub preout output >> shakers’ amp rca input

Photos of the earc extractor here:

Yay! Problem solved!

The oppo 203 saved the day and solved all the issues! Best BD 4k player on the planet!

Turned out that the oppo 203’s main hdmi output port is arc capable. So i connect my TV’s earc hdmi port directly to the oppo 203’s main hdmi output port (arc capable), and the TV sends the earc audio signal to the oppo 203!

The best thing is the oppo 203 processes this earc signal and then transmits it to:

  1. its 2nd hdmi output port (audio out only to my headphones console) and
  2. it’s rca preouts (which is connected to my shaker)!


So my shakers can now work with streaming content directly from my TV via earc! Thx to the oppo! :+1:

For info, connecting via the oppo 203’s hdmi input port method didn’t fully work. There was audio and video, but there was a 1-2s audio lag from the TV for some strange reason…

Thank God for the oppo bd players! Best!


Tried the same method again last night to connect the earc hdmi from TV to oppo 203.


Oppo 203 did not recognise the TV as e-arc capable! Power cycled the oppo 203, TV and headphones console but still the same! Reconnected the cables also to no avail.

Can’t understand why previously it could and not can’t.


Don’t give up…cool down and think through the setup again. It cannot be one time can and another time it can’t. Think hard.

Ya I thought so too (it shld not be difficult).

Tried again last night. Replicated all settings that worked. Same cables.

But oppo 203’s hdmi port still does not recognise my TV as earc. So strange…

I think I found the problem.

It looks like the LG oled has an intermittent issue on earc audio getting “jammed” on its earc hdmi port. Reported by online users.

Solution is to totally switch off mains of the tv, and then power on. The earc audio path became “through” again!

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This is the problem with HDMI implementation.

Problem came back again.

This time, after power cycling the mains of the TV a few times also can’t overcome the issue.

But, when I connect my TV earc hdmi directly to the earc audio extractor device, no problem at all. Earc audio could be received/transmitted. :thinking:

Strange… If it’s the LG TV causing the intermittent earc transmission issue, by right the earc audio extractor shld see the same problem.

Could the problem lie in the hdmi handshake between TV and the oppo?

Just saw this as have been traveling. I noticed that your ears audio extractor has a headphones output, which means it has a DAC. Can’t you connect the headphones output to your shaker? assuming your shaker amp has a crossover