The Wiz is going Atmos ® follow along for the ride. Hope SWMBO will be happy too

About to start the next chapter of HT in the heartlands…will hope to keep this thread up to date with pics and progress.

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Looking forward ! Finally … will be worth it :slight_smile:

Wah, congrats! 7.x.4 atmos?
Which processor? Emotiva?

Xmc-2. Not decided on 9.1.6 or maybe 5.1.4 depending on what bed layer options I end up with or maybe some other combination with perhaps 5.1.6 using 4 top and 2 wide/high. Mrs wiz might not like anything and it will end up as a bit of a white elephant if I can’t convince to get a 4K pj.

Anyone know any sellers doing 4K PJ home trials?

Look for Peng or Alf?

Both I know…wondering if they do home trail for pj…need to sway the wife to upgrade. :sweat_smile:

Doing home trial for projector is easy but may be a logistical nightmare and whether you know the way around it when you got it. The newer 4K series will definitely awed you of it PQ.

But before all that, I think you have to decide on the projector that you intend to get first. Do your homework on that brand and model and do some measurements from your main viewing distance to determine the size of the screen you want to get and decide whether vertical and horizontal Len shift is required in your situation. By doing all the necessary groundwork, when you call them for a trial, I think they are more likely to accede to your request for a home trial. The issue here is Projector can be very heavy for some model (like JVC N series), hence it may not be feasible to get them to provide a few for home trial. I think it’s only fair for you narrow down which one to go and arrange with them.

I don’t have a huge budget so that rules out the JVC options…maybe Epson or Benq but I do need some minimal lens shift and about a 5m throw to a 96” controlled drop down screen but can consider something a bit wider up to 120” perhaps but needs to be probably at a late date again due to budget.

I think anything even cheap pixel shifting 4K should beat my panny ae2000 of yesteryear vintage.

Atmos readiness is in the house but will be a while till I set it up as need to rearrange the tv and speakers etc too

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Front heights are very good to have, width probably don’t need it , 7.1.6 will be nice or even 5.1.6

Go for it man !

The BenQ 5700 is a pretty good projector for the price , but require some work with calibrating it for HDR

I believe u came from the OLED camp? If so, then maybe JVC X7000 series with Pixel shift gen 4 will be a good one for you. Alternatively, like what Bryan recommended. BenQ will be a good one :point_up:

Looking forward to your review :grinning:

I have an OLED TV for my desktop monitor but its burned in with old desktop images and was FOC. Its no good for a TV. My TV in the main area is a Panasonic Pro Panel 65" Plasma model with no tuner etc. It is full 1080P but only has one input board working with 2 HDM ports on it and not sure of the other boards need reseating or just died. I only use 1 input from XMC-1 now. The XMC-1 output if to the AE2000 PJ via HDMI 1.3 cable (15M or 40’ I forget) so I have n HDBase-T extender to use for the 4K. When the TV dies then my will only consider a 4K tv and she hates LED with a vengeance - too many years of colour grading in telecine and the advertising industry…SHe is the video snob - me the audio snob :crazy_face:

XMC-2 is very similar setup to the XMC-1 bar the additional speaker options - even the remote is the same and the basic physical unit look too. which is good as the operation wont stump the rest of users in the house.

I could even consider actually running the Hifi/HT gear behind the listening position or under my stairs or even in my other listening area as IR can be extended into and out of the HDBase-T units or using the XMC iPhone app even. The only one that might present a problem is Starhub as Amazon Fire and AppleTV are all RF remotes.

Anyone have any Lobangs on HDMI 4K ready cables 1-2M otherwise I might just get Belkin ($44 free delivery) from Apple shop as its got a 2 week or maybe til 8/1/21 return option if they don’t cut it.

Monoprice from Amazon SG will be fine mate… especially for short runs…

You 2 combine will make a “perfect” match LoL

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The moshou 4k 2.0b 18gbps cables are ~10-15 from aliexpress.
Many of us have tried it, very impressive performance especially considering the price.

Using Ugreen HDMI cables. Work perfectly for short run. Can buy from Lazada.

Thanks for the cable hints guys…

Looking at mounting 4 ERD-1’s up on the beams and probably opting to the right side option for angle of the speakers to get them a bit higher and more downward facing.

Now I have only side surrounds on the beams and under the beams is open both sides

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