The Whale - A must-watch

Now I understand what the oscar-buzz is all about for Brendan Fraser in this low-budget movie but I won’t be going for a 2nd viewing as this movie is simply too depressing to watch. I bet this movie has a shoestring budget as the entire movie was shot on one movie set 99% of the time. This is one classic example of a good script and storytelling can go a long way, coupled with some really powerful acting by the cast to make it one fine movie. I was emotionally drained after finishing the movie.

Some technical stuff
By the way, this movie aspect ratio brings back the CRT tube square TV aspect ratio of yesteryears - i.e. 4:3. Do not adjust the aspect ratio on your TV or projector as it is normal and conforms to the Director’s intent. Why? Not sure…

Do yourself a favor and watch it at least one time.

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Oh nice ! I haven’t watched this

It’s a movie that can only watched once. But that one time viewing is enough to last a long lasting impression.

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