The Tomorrow War...Weak Plot BUT Love the action!

Just finished watching this movie that comes out of nowhere…The action and sound quality are really cool. Story plot follows closely with Terminator - to stop the Judgement day and throw in some ghastly monsters from Starship Troopers-style, you got one exhilarating ride! Very cool effects as well.

Oh by the way, we get to see the “ripped” Commissioner Gordon in action as well :stuck_out_tongue:

It mixes Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow, using fast moving creatures from the latter, the time shock element of meeting a loved one from the former. The trouble father with a troubled past who has skills is also borrowed from past movies (the latest which comes to mind was Angel Has Fallen), but works well here because whilst the plot is heavily borrowed from other sci-fi action movies, the lead actors work hard to keep it convincing, and there is good chemistry between them.


I have to say that Chris Platt commands a certain screen presence much like The Rock. This guy is good. Now seems like a legit action hero. Guess his “father-in-law” has an influence on him.

Forget about the story and logic, just enjoy the action and the sound effects!!!

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Just watched this yesterday, quite nice. I actually enjoyed it ! 2hrs long but very nice action

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