The Sandman - Netflix series

I’m into ep 4 now and loving it. This is a character created by DC Comics. The story is unique esp those who liked darker themes in the likes of John Constantine & Lucifer.

The 4K streaming in HDR is subtle and a tad soft on the overall presentation. This is another HDR presentation that takes on the darker tones, a definite torture test for most projector to say the least. If your projector is not properly calibrated for grayscale, you will have a hard time getting proper shadow details to display. All the inherent limitations of your display will manifest itself through this netflix series.

For the audio department, it is in DD+ Atmos and there is a lot of low-end rumble with some surprisngly good Atmos effects to boot.

The first season will feature 10 episodes to binge watch…


Huhu thanks. I just got this series in place. Will watch it :slight_smile:

Looks good, I saw the previews earlier, will watch this

It’s not meant for kids due to some graphics scene and also same sex intimacy. Watch it alone.

Ya these type of restricted content requires password to access. Agree it’s not suitable for kids , some kids can get nightmares after watching…

finished it yesterday but in 1080P with surround…not too bad at all

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I watched 3 episodes till 1am yesterday, nice not bad, enjoyed it.

His voice is nice…