The prequel to the OMEN, The First OMEN(2024) won't be available uncut in homevideo locally

…as the theatrical cut is rated as R21. reference to the report below with spoiler details.

anyway… here’s the trailer in 70s style, which should give u some thrills and spooks, retro vibe.

Not interested in this Omen franchise. But I’m sure there are others who like it.

creating a new story to make continual link to the original is not easy.

look at the OMEN remake in 2006…

it was considerably an attempt to retell the story that doesn’t gain lots of approval and likes from audiences who would prefer the original 70s classics.

on the story of the First OMEN, that i went to see yesterday in time of ChingMing festival in hope to get some thrills and shrills… don’t feel much of fear and scare. to add matter worse, the good-looking solo Gal a seat gap away from me was munching and drinking that couldn’t stop until the middle where the one and only jump scare comes to screen.
i would give this a middle score of 2.8/5 in consideration that this “prequel” is not link to the 70s classic but rather the 2006 remake.
together with the “remake”, the First OMEN could turn into the beginning of trilogy, where there is a possibility that a 3rd would be coming, leaving the original OMEN Trilogy in Scope “as it is”.

Sensory Experience Score: 3.5/5
visually, the photography, the tone, the darkness will be a great test material to ur display’s HDR capability and settings.
spoiler ahead!
during most daytime shots, the scenes would seem to be soft and blooming like the 70s flicks. those “thin blurry blooms” will turn to be a testing point to determine if ur display is set too bright as the blooming could be overwhelming to affect the picture quality… including a black scene in the punishment room where a dead nun slowly appears from few greyish points of structure, to white, then audience can make up “that’s the dead nun in the dark” before the haunting figure comes swiftly to the screen with colors of wounds for the jump scare. i got spooked, but no intense heart beating, that’s somekind of achievement for a 50+ old dude with 3 highs of chronic disease… :rofl:
this scene is kind of vital challenge to HDR as very often, with some HDR settings, one will not be scared as the haunting figure would be highlighted, and seemingly already waiting in the dark area, and folks will not have the jump scare experience when they saw what’s hiding in the screen.
as mentioned, some daylight scenes are soft and bloomy as if under bright yellowish daylight, aka the 70s tone. the fidelity will be a bit of soft during day scenes, like those early ninety movies. any sharpness enhancement would oversharpen images in non-outdoor parts, including some night scenes.
the overall visual experience scores much higher than audio experience where majority of the sound presentation sounds to be 55% frontal, with some balances of surround activity.

will i get add this into my library?
probability would be… 60% considering that i had only see the 2006 OMEN remake once and the impression is very vague.

this First OMEN will not be available totally uncut when it hit the store shelves with M18 certification due to frontal exposure of Charlie Bravo… in a very disturbing presentation that would scare ladies in their pregnant state.