The Mitchells vs the Machines

New family cartoon on Netflix. Good review, catch it with your kids during this Labor Day holiday.


Yup…seems like a good one. I only watched for about 30 mins and have to go out. But so far quite good. :slight_smile:

Finished this last night. Good animation! The kids love it. Got some powerful bass as well.

Goofy family. Very fun animation

Watching again now :sweat_smile: kids . They never get border by the same cartoons again n again

Oh thanks for the heads up, will watch it soon

Just finished watching with the kids. Good storyline.

Yes we just finished last night, very nice. The kids loved it !

Shows up as trending no 5 in Singapore

Wow! And the kids are still watching this again and again and now for thr 6th time !! Omg… lol

I have managed to convince them to try and watch something else , and we tried watching Klaus

Another fantastic animation, worth watching ! Song is also nice


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