The Flash - Flashpoint (2023) trailer

This looks epic…Now I know why the WB board of directors insisted on releasing this movie despite Ezra Miller’s mess he created for himself.

The return of Michael Keaton as the original Batman and Antje Traue as Supergirl…Wow! Can’t wait!

This looks awesome ! Finally something different from WB. Hope they don’t disappoint

The flashpoint storyline is very good in the comics, hopefully they get this one right

Super girl looks cool ! Very nice …

Looking forward to the flash come June 2023

With James Gunn and Peter Saffron helming the creative part of DCU…I am eagerly waiting for what’s to come in the near future. This may be the year that DCU finally topples MCU. Exciting times at WB.

Ya same, looking forward to movies from the DC universe…

Phase 4&5 Marvel is like quite boring, even the recent ant man movie… not sure if it’s me but I don’t get as excited nowadays with marvels new releases