The demise of bluray and 4K UHD disc is near

It is a sad day…Disney will be the first to pull out of the physical media market. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 may well be the last title to be released in its physical medium. I’m pretty sure other studios will follow soon. Poh Heng, the last surviving media disc distributor in Singapore is going to be affected by this news.

Sad indeed. Right now as of today Sony is the only commercial mass market manufacturer to have a 80Mbps Pure Stream (similar to 4k Blu ray disc) streaming service and library. I reckon many other productions house and TV/MediaPlayer manufacturers are going to follow suit.
There is already noise this week that LG is going to go in a different direction for their TVs moving forward, going to focus more on value added services and exclusive services on their TVs to standout instead of competing to get the absolute best PQ with their competitors.

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PohKim, not PohHeng the jeweler, had started some time ago, imports transitional packs(those that packs 2 format of a film) and repackage and resold as individual releases… bearing reprints of coverart to include local consumer rating logos for individual sales.
local versions of Paramount/Universal discs of different formats had been made by Technicolor Disc Manufacturing had slowly absent in supply that PohKim had to do such “unethical” practice to keep their supply “healthy”, mostly would not be come with Mandarin subtitles as well as other Asian languages.
PohKim is pretty bad at covering their tracks of flaws, that u’ll see that their “redo” DVD coverart would comes with technical markings that would prompt u to scratch ur head… such as “Region A” as well as “Dolby Atmos”… yeah…

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Oh no… I still love the quality played via disk. :sob:

But aren’t they over generalising? There are still undeveloped countries that do not have good wifi/data setup and disc media will still be a main source to go to.

Bloody hell! Showing people all the movie collection in your cloud isn’t a real collection. :rage:

I always have this thought at the back of my mind that Poh Kim is a money laundering business. Who the heck buy physical media from them?

ME !
when there’s no HMV, no Grammophone, no LaserFlair, no CDRama, no Tower Records for budget hunts… spending more than 1 bluebill for one title release @ Rida, isn’t going to build me a healthy library of movies.

I still buy physical media but there are so many cheaper alternatives to PK like Amazon.

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