The "bi-" player of 4K system... only in Malaysia, the prices is so sweet to resist!

…while local importers will juice gaolat gaolat to feed their rentals/operation.

the PANNDE 670EU

the GIEC G5800

Not bad indeed…It’s using the same Mediatek chipset as Oppo and it is way cheaper. Need more review on this.


Definitely, I noticed that some players are not able to send out the full native DV to the display, lotsa it need to be reviewed …

Profile 4 & 7 both contain DV MEL & FEL and some players can’t decode this properly…

On the surface of it most look good, but need to put it to the test to see if it can really handle the decoding well

The newer mkv files now contain both the DV FEL and HDR10+ in the same container… the Oppo player is not able to select which file to play, it defaults to HDR10+

Fortunately for me, It doesn’t bother me as Lumagen just need to detect HDR10 base flag to get the adaptive DTM working.

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One thing is the DV profile 4/7 contains the full enhancement layer that is 12 bit in colour depth, there is a difference if the player is not able to decode this… not just about DTM. Even though the display may not support the full 12bit, I read somewhere I think Vincent from HDTV confirmed that it helps with colour banding …

The newer hdmi 2.1a version now supports source based tone mapping, this is going to be interesting for Projector owners

At the moment the Oppo is still really good, after so many years… the only thing they didn’t see coming was mkv containers ability to have both the DV and HDR10+ layers within the same file…